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Picklehead Library

Here are some articles, short stories, and anecdotes about funny music and the people who create, produce and perform it. The world of comedy music has had its share of interesting characters--some of whom are no longer with us--but they live on through their art and music.

If you have a story or article idea of your own, and you'd like to have it featured here, just use the contact form and we'll see if we can't put it up for others to read and enjoy.

Crazy About That Funny Music -  by Wayne Faust. Wayne's been a comedy music fan (and performer) since the 60s.
And he's the Head Picklehead! Find out why.

Funny Music - A Health Report - Don't think funny music can be good for your health?  Think again!

Live Music in Key West - by Wayne Faust. Wayne's been performing down in Key West for years, and he has lots of great stories to tell about this eclectic and colorful corner of the country.

Dr. Demento - a Comedy Music Original - Dr. Demento, aka Barry Hanson, has been a major force in the comedy music industry. Read this article to learn more about Barry's life and career.

Ian Whitcomb's Literary Corner -  In addition to being a unique musical talent, composer, and music historian, Ian's also a prolific writer. He's led a fascinating life, and has many great stories to tell.

"Weird Al" Yankovic - a Master of Music Parody - "Weird Al" might be the most famous living comedy musician, but did you know he grew up playing the accordion?

The Life Of Allan Sherman - Allan Sherman was an inspiration to all comedy music artists. Learn a bit about his life.

The Sad But True Story Of Bird and Macdonald - Masters of Adult Comedy Music in the 1980's, they were alas, before their time.



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