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Ian Whitcomb is a highly respected performer, composer, and music historian. You can find all of his CD's, DVD's, Books, and Songbooks by clicking here.

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The White Cliffs Of Dover - Pop Music In World War Two (added 8/23/16)

Dancin' and singin' in wartime Hollywood (added 8/23/16)

The Great Music War (added 8/23/16)

The Great Song Salesman  (added 8/19/15)

Cliff Edwards - "Ukulele Ike"  (added 8/19/15)

Singing Sweethearts Of the '78  (added 8/19/15)

Frank Sinatra On the Rocky Road To Vegas (added 5/5/14)

Harold Arlen: Rainbows & Blues (added 5/5/14)

Hoagy Carmichael - Stardust Melody Man (added 5/5/14)

My Friend Harry Warren (added 9/9/13)

The Birth Of the Hollywood Musical (added 9/9/13)

Play It Sam (added 9/9/13)

The Porn Is Green (added 11/24/12)

The Best Americans (added 8/20/12)

Mon Homme (added 8/20/12)

Django Reinhardt (added 8/20/12)

Le Tumulte Noir (added 8/20/12)

Pleasures of the American Hospital (added 7/20/11)

Poets of Pop (added 7/20/11)

Behind the Voice  (added 7/20/11)

A Good Man Is Hard To Find  (added 7/20/11)

Battleground 1950's  (added 7/20/11)

Mark Twain & Pop Culture  (added 9/2/10)

Banjoes On the Lawn  (added 9/2/10)

Over There  (added 8/19/09)

Everybody's Doing It Now  (added 8/19/09)

ExPat  (added 8/19/08)

I Once Met Chesney Allen  (added 8/19/08)

The Coming Of the Crooners  (added 8/19/08)

Brother Can You Spare A Dime  (added 8/19/08)

A History Of Vintage Dance  (added 1/21/08)

The Apprenticeship Of Richard Rodgers  (added 8/21/07)

The Song Is Ours----Richard Rodgers Versus The People (added 8/21/07)

Tearing Down the Wall Of Sound  (added 4/3/07)

EXPAT  (added 3/12/07)

Rant  (added 2/9/07)

Mr. Boychoir At Twilight  (added 10/31/06)

Life With Irving (Irving Berlin)  (added 9/1/06)

Triksta (added 7/7/06)

Memories of Ralph McCutcheon, Champion Movie Horse Trainer   (added 1/31/06)

February House (added 10/1/05)

What Was A Plaster Caster? (added 10/1/05)

The Hellbound Train To Waterloo  (added 10/1/05)

Take A Girl Like Me  (added 10/1/05)

So Though I'm Not A Great Romancer  (added 10/1/05)

My Uncle Wrote Lady Of Spain  (added 10/1/05)

Hatless Jack  (added 10/1/05)

Coast Of Dreams  (added 10/1/05)

The Story Of Bluesville  (added 5/13/05)

It Was Forty Years Ago Today  (added 3/4/04)



Teen Idols          (added 9/27/02)

The Very Best Of the Bachelors    (added 9/27/02)

ANOTHER LOVELY MUSICAL EVENING: The Saga of Ukulele Al Brown   (added 8/21/01)

Hawaiian Memories   (added 8/7/01)

Dogs and Pop   (added 1/9/01)

Was Kingsley Amis Queer?   (added 1/9/01)

The Father Of Surfing   (added 6/23/00)

The Meaning Of Life Found In His Ukulele (added 2/28/00)

The First Crooners: Volume One (added 2/28/00)

The First Crooners: Volume Two
(added 2/28/00)

The First Crooners: Volume Three (added 2/28/00)

Duke Ellington
(added 2/28/00)

Rudy Vallee (added 2/28/00)

Tango Tango! (added 2/28/00)

Hot Salsa (added 8/3/99)

Two New Poems
(added 7/6/99)
Previously unpublished Magnet Words On A Fridge in Ohio and another poem from American Heritage magazine

Irving Berlin In Hollywood (added 3/10/99)
liner notes for Rhino Records

1949 - Call Of The Wild (added 2/28/99)
an excerpt chapter from "Rock Odyssey" by Ian Whitcomb

Inspector's Party (added 1/1/98)
published in "London Magazine"

Chas McDevitt and the Skiffle Craze (added 5/5/98)
1998, London

Paseo To Laguna (added 5/5/98)

Confessions Of A British Invader
published in "American Heritage Magazine". Lead story Jan 1998 issue.

Titanic Article
this article is currently residing at the current issue of "American Heritage Magazine. Feb 1998 issue.

'S Marvelous - The Music Lives On. (added 10/23/98) Musicologist Ian Whitcomb tells the story of George Gershwin's experience in Hollywood.

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