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Funny Music -- A Health Report


Did you know that scientific studies have shown that laughter is actually good for your health? And we're nothing if not health conscious here at Picklehead Music, and we believe that funny music is one way we can help improve the public health.

And not just any funny music, mind you. We've worked hard here at the Picklehead Mansion to assemble only the best music from the top artists in the US and abroad. From Wayne Faust to Buck Peterson, from Les Barker to Dr. Elmo, and many more, you'll find an outstanding selection of funny music to fit almost any taste and occasion.

We have a Dr. Demento section, where we feature artist who've appeared on the Good Doctor's show. Dr. Demento has been credited with discovering many up-and-coming comedy music stars, including "Weird Al" Yankovic. There are lots of healthy laughs to be found among these funny music artists.

We also offer a great selection of acoustic music and work from stand-up comedians, variety artists, and theme albums (everything from beer drinking songs to funny songs for construction workers).

So browse around and listen to some song samples while you're here. And for optimal health, be sure to eat a good diet, get regular exercise, and listen to at least 20 minutes of funny music per day.


Funny Music -- your prescription for good health!


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