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These are some cool places we've found on the Net. Check 'em out!
If you have a site, or know of a site that we might want to put here,

send us an e-mail.


2bzmedia.com: Gospel Hip-Hop! (music with a positive message)

AK Music Video: Showcase Your Talent. AK Music Video features music video clips and mp3's of unsigned bands, musicians and artists.

Artistopia: "The Ultimate Music Artist Resource"      

Audio Recording Center: Good sound advice for the independent music maker. Includes helpful articles, a well organized Links section, and other useful resources.

b&w luidsprekers - Eindelijk eens een goede filminstallatie maar geen goede audio? Koop dan een van de b&w luidsprekers in onze webshop!

bandbiographies.com: A great, very popular site, listing biographies of lots of great musical artists.

BizLinksList.com - Business Directory: Find a business!

GREAT independent music from the Original Homegrown Music Showcase.

dayoopers.com: The official websites of Da Yoopers, one of our most popular groups. Check for updates on their first "all Christmas comedy" release titled, "Naked Elves in cowboy boots!"

DirectoryRadio.com The leading Radio Directory on the Net is your gateway to every Internet Radio Station on the Web

Disc Wizards: In London, specializing in CD, DVD replication and blu-ray duplication, all with a UK low price guarantee.

Doc's Ukuleles: All things Ukulele from Doc Belcher, in Marion, Ohio

drdemento.com: The official site of Dr. Demento. Enough said!

drelmo.com: The official website of Dr. Elmo. Lots of great pics and features.

earbuzz.com: A great place to find independent music.

Gooftees - Funniest Shirts on The Planet: We have designed some of the funniest shirts you will find anywhere. Free basic design & setup!

Key West Hotels - Key West Historic Inns! We offer the best and most extensive selection of Guest Houses in Key West.

Live Gigs: I Love Music Live delivers great music live, presenting the best live gigs around allowing you a moment in time to watch and feel live music.

mysonictemple: My Sonic Temple is a ProTools recording studio in San Francisco, CA.  Engineering, mixing, production, and tracking at an affordable price.

the-music-directory.com: a collection of links to music related websites and newsgroups.

Music Stack: Search 14 Million Rare Music CDs and Vinyl Records.

nerdworld.com: The number one spot for Nerds everywhere!

New Music Label.com: A great place to find and list independent music.

Prank Phone Call: Enjoy one man's improvised prank phone conversations with a1windups.co.uk.

radioscotland.com: The site for all things Celtic and Scottish, especially music.

Real Lyrics: Find song lyrics of all genre & ages!

Recording Connection: a music industry school with 5,000 students worldwide who train on-site at major recording studios, record labels, radio and TV stations, film studios and video production companies.

Szigg.net - Classified Web Links


SingerSongwriter.ws: The Website for Singer-Songwriters!

Songs For America: Lots of funny topical songs here.

SteveGoodie.com:  The home site for our own Steve Goodie, parodies and original funny songs in an ethnic vein.

Tropical Dreams: A great site, featuring all things tropical - Jimmy Buffettesque music, great independent artists, calendar of island-type events, etc. Grab a rum-runner before you go here!

UniSquare.com: UniSquare Online Music Marketplace and Auctions
www.unisquare.com/buy/17836/music/records :Vinyl Records Marketplace and Auctions
a great resource for anyone who wants to list their music for sale for free with only a very low 2% sale commission fee.

waterbug.com: Waterbug offers some of the finest contemporary, independent folk artists anywhere. 

Will It Stink?: Somewhat disgusting but VERY funny videos.

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