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The Sad But True Story Of Bird And Macdonald

By 1980, Bird & Macdonald were well on their way to being a unique comedy act. Combining music with a very sick sense of humor, their parodies and rap songs were played by radio celebrities like Dr. Demento and Dave Pratt. Their "Candy Wrapper" song hit the charts just in time for the Hershey Candy Company to sue them in Federal Court for trademark infringement. Their "Fish Rap" was borrowed by another comedian and turned into the hit novelty song "The Wet Dream."

Dave Pratt of KUPD in Arizona locked himself in the studio and played "Candy Wrapper" 99 times in a row and was later called to Washington to apologize to the FCC. "Shotgun" Tom Kelly of KGB in San Diego played the same song and received the largest fine in radio history
(probably only topped recently by shock-jock Howard Stern).

Always a day late and a dollar short, Bird and Macdonald fizzled out after a ten year partnership leaving behind disappointed fans, a pending movie deal and a number of groupies with an assortment of exotic and mysterious diseases. Bird pursued an acting career but never landed "the big part." Macdonald lost most of his hair and has a really big part. They broke up a year before the comedy boom of the early 90's. Bird & Macdonald were before their time.

Bob Tyler


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