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NEW! Words and Music (1967-2005)
Now available on CD  ($15)
TRACKS: Down On the Farm * I've Been Ill * Don't Trust Your Heart * Rough Trade * Old Friends * My Confession * Hush My Heart * Ukulele Heaven * Goodbye, Old Boy * The Uke Is On the March * Will I Feel Like A Fool? * When You're There * Trottin' At the Troc * Lonely * Corn Husk * Same As Ever * Dancing Partners * My Garden * One & One * Windmill Waltz * Mystery Riders * You're the One * Time and Again * Our House * Restless * My Pal

Down On the Farm          
Dancing Partners


NEW! Old Chestnuts & Rare Treats
Now available on CD  ($15)
Ian Whitcomb with his ukulele, accordion, piano, and orchestra
TRACKS: Steppin' Out * I Want A Girl * Mandy, How Do You Do? * She Knows It * A Lemon In the Garden Of Love *
America, I Love You * Robinson Crusoe's Isle * Bright Eyes * M-O-T-H-E-R * I Used To Love You * Homesick * A Precious Little Thing Called Love *Melancholy * Rosy Cheeks * I'm Waiting For Ships That Never Come In * Emma Louise *
She Lives Down In Our Alley * Roses Of Picardy * Oh, You Beautiful Doll * I've Got My Eye On You *
What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For? * Where the Black-Eyed Susans Grow *Dream Train * For Me and My Gal *
Someday Somebody's Gonna Get You * Till We Meet Again

Steppin' Out           I Used To Love You But It's All Over Now 


"Stanley's Gig" DVD
A powerful feature debut with an all star cast. Inspired by real life characters, the film tells the story of Stanley Myer (William Sanderson), a down-on-luck musician with a lifetime of failed relationships, but one very big dream; to play his ukulele on a cruise line to Hawaii. Stanley lands a gig at a nursing home where he strikes up an unlikely relationship with an ancient jazz chanteuse, Eleanor (Marla Gibbs), and awakens from a lifetime of loneliness and inconsequence. Also featuring a wonderful, understated performance by Faye Dunaway.
IAN WHITCOMB wrote most of the songs for the picture, played Smiling Jack
and was also the singing voice and ukulele strummer for the star William ("Deadwood") Sanderson.



 "Turned On Alley"
The First DVD from
Ian Whitcomb and the Bungalow Boys!

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4 CD'S - exact replicas of LP's recorded by Ian in the 1970's. These LP's have been out-of-print for over 20 years. Now they appear in beautiful cardboard cases (no jewel boxes to get broken!) Complete with original graphics and liner notes. And re-mastered digital sound - crystal clear as only the Japanese can do!
Get the entire set now! We have a limited supply because we have to import them from Tokyo.


These very special, LIMITED-EDITION CD's from Japan are ($25 each.)


RED HOT BLUE HEAVEN:  When the Bees Make Honey Down In Sunny Alabam' - 1919 *  My Blue Heaven - 1927 * 
The All-American Girl - 1932 * Dream Train - 1928 * A Friend Of A Friend Of Mine - 1974 * Wurzel Fudge - The Village Idiot - 1973 * Masculine Women! Feminine Men! - 1925 * Take Your Girlie To the Movies - 1919 * Long Lost Mama - 1923 * Bimini Bay - 1921 * 
So Will I - 1926 * Under A Texas Moon - 1929 * Wurzel Fudge In London Town - 1974 * My Girl's Pussy - 1976 * 
The Farmyard Cabaret - 1932

CROONER TUNES: Down In Honky Tonky Town * Lazy * Lawns Of Louisiana * Storybook Farm *
Brown Eyes - Why Are You Blue? * There's A Wah Wah Girl In Agua Caliente * Farmyard Cabaret* 
She's A New Kind Of Old-Fashioned Girl * You're In Kentucky Sure As You're Born * Les Temps Du Chiffon *
I Want To Ask You A Personal Question Aubrey Dear * Memories Of France
Real Audio Sample Lazy      

PIANO MELT: The Kellytester * Let's Go Honkytonk * The War In Snider's Grocery Store * Parisian Medley
Strangers In the Night * You Don't Like It - Not Much! * Hands * I'm Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover * Forgive Me *
Flirtation Medley * Sunshine * Dream Daddy * Crazy * My Baby Just Cares For Me
Real Audio Sample Let's Go Honkytonk 
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UNDER THE RAGTIME MOON: I'm Certainly Living A Ragtime Life * Mammy's Little Pumpkin Coloured Coons * 
Wigwam Wigwalk * Ruff Johnson's Harmony Band * Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula * Lawns Of Louisiana * 
The Day That the Ladies Take Power * I Miss You Most Of All * They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me * 
That Twentieth Century Rag * Dance And Grow Thin * Robinson Crusoe's Isle * Le Temps Du Chiffon * 
I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier * When Alexander Takes His Ragtime Band To France * 
We're Going To Celebrate The End Of The War In Ragtime
Real Audio Sample I'm Certainly Living A Ragtime Life   
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and great classics from Al Jolson, Fats Waller and others
Now Available on CD ($15)
The RCA soundtrack CD from the great new motion picture, directed by Peter Bogdonavich and
starring Edward Herrmann and Kirsten Dunst

TRACKS: Avalon * Wild Cat Blues * Stumbling * Whispering * Everybody Loves My Baby * Hesitation Blues * How Ya' Gonna Keep 'Em Down On the Farm? * Ain't We Got Fun * April Showers * Charleston * Breeze * A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody * 
If You Were the Only Girl In the World * When I Lost You * After You've Gone * California Here I Come
All songs still available for MP3 download.

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Now available on CD ($15)

              Dance your troubles away to 'Dance Hall Days' - a collection of 25 vintage dances, 
              ranging from waltz to fox-trot to tango.

TRACKS: The Teddy Bears picnic (March/Two-Step) * When I Lost You (Waltz) * Whispering (Foxtrot/One-Step) * Sandcastle (Ragtime Two-Step) * After You've Gone (One-Step) * Sol Tropical (Rhumba) * I'm Nobody's Baby ( Foxtrot/One-Step) * If We Can't Be the Same Old Sweethearts (Slow Foxtrot) * April Showers ( Foxtrot) * Montemartre (Waltz) * Chester the Cat (One-Step) * When Sophie Dances (Tango) * Rocking the Baby to Sleep ( Soft Shoe/Sand Dance) * When the Folks High-Up Do the Mean Low-Down ( Swing Quickstep) * Rose of Washington Square ( Ragtime Two-Step) * Alice Blue Gown (Waltz) * That's Why They Call Me Shine ( One-Step) * Breeze (Slow Foxtrot) * Stumbling ( Foxtrot/One-Step) * If You Were the Only Girl In the World (Medium Foxtrot) * Sultry Nights (Tango) * The Bumbling Bear (Palais Glide/Saunter) * My Blues (Slow Drag) * Fairy On the Clock (Novelty Foxtrot) * Dreams Of Old L.A. (Tango)
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SONG SAMPLES: (In Real Audio Format)
Fairy On the Clock            I'm Nobody's Baby 

Now available on CD ($15)

for the reasonable price of $15! All the songs and more from the first great ukulele movie, starring Faye Dunaway and William Sanderson, and featuring Ian Whitcomb as Smilng Jack.
See the Starz Encore website for  playtimes of this movie.

TRACKS: Ukulele Heaven * Uke Mania * Good Night Little Girl Goodnight * Blue * The Uke Is On the March * So Wrong * Somebody Stole My Gal * Makin' Love Ukulele Style * For the Love Of Uke * I Love You * Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home * All I Can Bring You Is Love * Boogie Woogie Jungle Snake * Baby Won't You Please Come Home
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SONG SAMPLES: (In Real Audio Format)
The Uke Is On the March            I Love You      All I Can Bring You Is Love


"Sentimentally Yours"


TRACKS: Good Evening * If We Can't Be the Same Old Sweethearts * Here I Am * I Love You * Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue? * Give Me the Moonlight * You'll Find Out Some Day * A Cottage For Sale * When I Lost You * Under A Texas Moon * Dreams * So Will I * Street Of Dreams * When We're Dancing * Then Came the Dawn * Regrets * So Long Sally * Mother Of Mine * Pal Of My Cradle Days * If You've Ever Loved * Thinking Of You * My Dog Has Fleas (A Love Song) * In the Garden * On Paradise Island * Dream Daddy * It Looks Like Rain In Cherry Blossom Lane * Go To Sleep, My Little Cowboy * Goodnight

SONG SAMPLES: (In Real Audio Format)
If We Can't Be the Same Old Sweethearts            When We're Dancing      My Dog Has Fleas

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"Ian Whitcomb's Comedy Songs"    ($15.95)

24 tracks of unadulterated fun, but be warned that some of these numbers are Politically Incorrect as well as being dirty. The rest are charming--and all are well-played by a mixture of ensembles ranging from piano and uke to full orchestra. Songs from the British Music Hall and from American Vaudeville.

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TRACKS: The Farmyard Cabaret * Lucky Jim * You Don't Like It - Not Much * They All Walk The Wibbly Wobbly Walk * I Go So Far With Sophie * They're Parking Camels Where The Taxis Used To Be * My Dead Dog Rover * When Ragtime Rosie Ragged The Rosary * At The Vicarage Party * You've Got To Show It To Mother * Story Book Farm * Is Izzy Azzy Wozz? * On The Pier * Wurzel Fudge - The Village Idiot * Masculine Women! Feminine Men! * Oh! What A Beauty! * Till You Come Home * Charlie's A Cripple (You Know) * They Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dog Around * Roots * (I'm Gonna) Eat You Up * A Friend Of A Friend Of Mine * My Girl's Pussy * Life's Not All That Bad, Is It?

Sample of Music off of "Comedy Songs"
Wurzel Real Audio sample
My Dead Dog Real Audio sample

"Ian Whitcomb's Ragtime America"    ($15.95)

18 numbers from the era of ragtime (1898-1918), a musical companion to his book, "Irving Berlin & Ragtime America". As Well as songs like "King Chanticleer", there are rag instrumentals ("Les Temps Du Chiffon") and even a tango ("My Apache"). British ragtime is represented by "Oh! I Wish I Was Tarzan".

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TRACKS: At The Ball That's All * Settle Down In A One Horse Town * You've Got To Show It To Mother * The Loves Of Yesterday * Fuzzy Wuzzy Woo! * I'm Crying Just For You * You'd Never Know That Old Home Town Of Mine * My Apache * King Chanticleer * I Gave Her That * The Storybook Ball * I'm Gonna Live While I'm Living * Les Temps Of Chiffon * The War In Snider's Grocery Store * Rose Room * The Candyland Christmas Ball * Oh! I Wish I Was Tarzan * Goodnight Little Girl, Good Night!!

Samples of Music off of "Ragtime America"
You've Got To Show It To Real Audio sample
Les Temps Du Chiffon (instrumental) Real Audio sample

"Spread A Little Happiness"     ($15.95)

Ian is joined by his wife, Regina, whose lark-like voice lends class to the recording, and by the mellifluous Bungalow Boys (Clarinet, sax, string bass, steel guitar, and banjo). Highlights include Jeromes Kern's first hit ("They Didn't Believe Me" - 1914) and a hymn to the Singing Cowboys ("Lone Pine Blues"). 22 Tracks.

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TRACKS: Every Now And Then * They Didn't Believe Me * Da, Da, Da, My Darling * Sauntering By The Sea * Who'll Be The First To Phone? * Lone Pine Blues * Who Is It? (A Parrot Story) * Under The Bamboo Tree * I Wanna Stay Home * At The Masked Ball * Just The Same * Spread A Little Happiness * The Waltz That You Promised * I Love You 'Cos You're Fun To Be With * Sweet Cider Time When You Were Mine * That's All History * The Beckoning Fairground * It's Gotta Be You! * Play A Simple Melody * Come And Make Your Heaven In L.A. * Music, Maestro, Please! * Out Of The Darkness - The Sanctuary Of Family And Friends

Sample of Music off of "Spread A Little Happiness"
Just The Real Audio sample
Sauntering By The Real Audio sample


"Happy Days Are Here Again"     ($15.95)

Ian and his 12-peice dance band recorded live at a dance in the famous Blossom Room of Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel. The arrangements are all from the 1920s/1930s period. There are fox trots, waltzes, slow smoochers, and jazzy shakers. Numbers include "Ain't That A Grand And Glorious Feeling" and "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate". A great atmosphere and a true recreating of a ten cent dance hall of the "good old days". Taste the cigar smoke!

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TRACKS: Happy Days Are Here Again * Wedding Bells Are Ringing For Sally * Sing, Baby, Sing * Riptide * I'm In Favor Of Friendship * Altadena Lane * Love Letters In The Sand * The King's Horses * If You Believed In Me * You Can Tell Her I S-T-U-T-T-E-R * I Hate To Lose You * Tears * Ain't That a Grand And Glorious Feeling? * Lonesome Little Doll * Carolina In The Morning * Same Old Moon - Same Old June (But Not The Same Old You) * Down By The Winegar Works * I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate * One Hour With You * Sunshine

Sample of Music off of "Happy Days"
I'm In Favor Of Real Audio sample
Altadena Real Audio sample

Another cheerful offering from Ian, Regina, and The Bungalow Boys,  featuring beautiful old Alley songs, flavored with exotics like “Chong—He Come From Hong Kong” and a tango version of Roy Orbison’s classic rocker, ”Pretty Woman”.

TRACKS: Viva Regina! * Everywhere You Go * My Cutie's Due At Two-To-Two To-Day * Let the Rest Of the World Go By * My Sweetie * Old New England Moon * Do I Love You? - Yes I Do! * The Flower Garden Ball * Honey Bunch * Who Wants A Bad Little Boy? * Oh! Pretty Woman * Little Yellow Bird * Chong (He Come From Hong Kong) * Happy * In Hollywood! * The Honeysuckle & the Bee * My Dog Beefy * Kismet * If I Could Be With You * Home At Last!

Sample of Music off of "Let the Rest Of the World Go By"
Everywhere You Real Audio sample
Pretty Real Audio sample

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"Titanic: Music as Heard on the Fateful Voyage"   ($16.95)

Ian conducts the White Star Orchestra in playing songs that recreate the actual music played on the fateful voyage of the Titanic. This CD has been nominated for two Grammys and is so special, we made a special website all about it.

Very interesting site at
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TRACKS: The White Star March * The Convergence Of The Twain (poem) * Glow-Worm * Mon Coeur S'Ouvre A Ta Voix * In The Shadows * Oh, You Beautiful Doll * Music Hall Waltz Medley * the Mosquito's Parade * The Merry Widow Waltz * Alexander's Ragtime Band * Somewhere A Voice Is Calling * Music Hall March Medley * Selections From The Musical Comedy The Arcadians * Shine On Harvest Moon * That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune * Destiny * Waiting For The Robert E Lee * Salut d'Amour * Frankie And Johnny * Silver Heels * Lily Of Laguna * Moonstruck * Songe d'Automne

"Songs From The Titanic Era" and "The Golden Age Of Lounge"

This CD represents many songs made popular during the early part of the century, including "Rose Room," "I'll Take Care Of Your Cares," "Moon Of Waikiki" and "Who Made Little Boy Blue." It's the perfect companion to Ian's Grammy-winning Titanic, Songs As Heard On That Fateful Voyage" CD.

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TRACKS: Nola * Amapola * A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet * The Teddy Bear's Picnic * Merry-Go-Round By Moonlight * Same Old Moon - Same Old June (But Not The Same Old You) * Rose Room * I'll Take Care Of Your Cares * Sol Tropical * Twelve O'clock At Night * Moon Of Waikiki * In The Land Of Beginning Again * Rolling With The Quake * Who Made Little Boy Blue * Beautiful Dreamer * Lotus Land (A Rag Of Southern California) * The House Of Dreams

Sample of Music off of these albums:
Nola Real Audio sample
Teddy Bears' Real Audio sample

 "Titanic Tunes, A Sing-A-Long In Steerage"     ($15.95)
A follow-up to Ian's Grammy award winning, 'Titanic,' this disc takes us down to Third Class where the folks are being treated to a concert of genuine British Music Hall songs of the 1912 period performed by The Musical Murrays, that traveling American vaudeville group (who later surface as a uke ensemble in the “Ukulele Heaven” songbook and CD. You'll hear such authentic slices of cockney life as “If It Wasn’t For The ’Ouses In Between” and “Glorious Beer” The instrumentation is mostly strings: banjo, guitar, mandolin, ukulele. And an accordion.

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TRACKS: Overture * The Man On the Flying Trapeze * The Boy In the Gallery * I Don't Want To Play In your Yard * If It Wasn't For the 'Ouses In Between * At Trinity Church * When the Summer Comes Again * It's A Great Big Shame * I Wouldn't Leave My Little Wooden Hut For You * I Live In Trafalgar Square * Just Like the Ivy * I'm Twenty-One Today * Nellie Dean * Poor John! * In the Twi-Twi-Twilight * Percy From Pimlico * I Used To Sigh For the Silvery Moon * I'm Shy Mary Ellen, I'm Shy * If I Should Plant A Tiny Seed Of Love * Glorious Beer * A Fallen Star

Sample of Music off of "Titanic Tunes"
Glorious Beer Real Audio sample
Percy From Real Audio sample

"The Very Best of Ian Whitcomb"
The first comprehensive collection documenting Ian Whitcomb's hits features "You Turn Me On," "N-E-R-V-O-U-S," "Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night," "The Sporting Life," and many rare singles and unreleased tracks.

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TRACKS: You Turn Me On * When Rock'n'Roll Was Young * Bony Moronie * N-E-R-V-O-U-S * Soho * Approaching Youths * Good Hard Rock * Dance Again * Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night? * Cocaine Lil * Heroes Of The Rocker Pack * The Boogie Woogie Jungle Snake * Whole Lotta Woman * Night Child * Groovy Day * Notable Yacht Club Of Staines * Yomping * Lover's Prayer * The Yellow Bird * Pure Sorrow * Sally Sails The Sky * Changes * Somewhere In Virginia In the Rain * You Turn Me On (test pressing) * This Sporting Life

Samples of Music off of "The Very Best Of Ian Whitcomb"
Boogie Woogie Jungle Real Audio sample

"You Turn Me On! Mod, Mod, Music Hall"

The first major CD retrospective of his hits! This CD includes the Top 10 hit "You Turn Me On" as well as 24 more tracks, including some previously unrecorded work. It's really like two CDs in one.

You can order this CD now!     ($16.95)

TRACKS: You Turn Me On * River Of No Return * Be My Baby * Nervous * Poor But Honest * Fizz * This Sporting Life * Too Many Cars On the Road * That Is Rock N' Roll * Sugar Babe * No Tears For Johnny * Poor Little Bird * Got A Date With An Angel * The Night I Appeared As Macbeth * August, 1914 * Coney Island Washboard * Mother ! Mother ! Mother! * The Junkman Rag * The Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi * The Awful Tale Of Maggie May * Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night? * Saucy Seaside Sue * Reindeer - A Ragtime Two-Step * Ida! Sweet As Apple Cider * That Ragtime Suffragette *  Oh Helen! * Your Baby Has Gone Down the Plug-Hole

Samples of Music off of "You Turn Me On/ Mod Mod Music Hall"
You Turn Me Real Audio sample
River Of No Real Audio sample

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