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   Monthly Specials

Artists of the Month for

October, 2022

Dr. Elmo Sings the Boos!!

Yes, it's THAT Dr. Elmo, the guy who famously penned “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.”
Later, he turned his talents to Halloween, coming up with a fun album full of goof/spooky songs, and we have it right here!
Be the first on your block to play these songs out of your window when trick or treaters come around!!


Available for download only
(Special applies ONLY to Elmo's “Sings the Boos” album)
With the special, this album is only $6.99!


Yancey deVeer “Another Go Round”
Some of us Pickleheads were able to see Yancey like in Deadwood, South Dakota this past month. If you're ever out that way in the summer,
make sure to catch his show. He's awesome.
This month we're featuring his newest album, and it's a GOOD ONE!

Available on CD or for download
(Special applies ONLY to Yancey's “Another Go Round” album)


Here's how it works!
We run specials on certain CD's each month. We go in and lower the price by $3 FOR ONE MONTH ONLY. 

So if you think you might want an album or two by one of these artists, now is the time! So click on one of the links above and save some bucks! And remember - the special only lasts until the end of the month.

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