Picklehead Music Presents: Nick Costner

Nick Costner is an active member of Fox Hills Country Club in Paragould, Arkansas. He's got a six handicap.
We know what you're saying right now.
"So what? A lot of people are members of country clubs. Some of them even have six handicaps, or five, or four..."
Here's the difference. Nick sees comedy in the ever-changing game of golf and writes really funny songs about it.
Check out the song samples below and we think you'll agree!

We're Gonna Play Golf (CD $12.95)--comedy music about golf
Titles: We're Gonna Play Golf * The 15th Club * I Choose Golf * Virgil's Got the Yips * Scratch Golfer *
Foot Wedge * She's A Hooker * Here Lies A Golfer * Bad Weather Blues * The 19th Hole

Song Samples

We're Gonna Play Golf       Here Lies A Golfer      She's A Hooker

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   Songs From the CD "We're Gonna Play Golf"
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  We're Gonna Play Golf :              The 15th Club:     

I Choose Golf:          Virgil's Got the Yips:     

Scratch Golfer:            Foot Wedge:     

 She's A Hooker          Here Lies A Golfer:     

Bad Weather Blues:          The 19th Hole:     

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