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A Very Mylo Christmas      Prairie Memories (Clyde Bauman)

Out Standing In My Field        To All the Cows I've Milked Before    Going Back For Seconds      I'm Big Time Now!    

  NEW!   Songs From the CD "Prairie Memories"
A now for something completely different...
Mylo Hatzenbuhler's alter-ego is Clyde Bauman. Or maybe it's the other way around.
In any event, Clyde, who has been making all of these great, excellently produced comedy-music albums, has always wanted to do a Gospel album, so finally used his considerable talents to make one! These are not funny songs, and Mylo is on temporary hiatus, but these are well-produced, inspiring songs, some classics and some new originals. Check out the song samples below, and be inspired!

Download the entire album (13 songs) for just $10.99!    


The Lord Of the Rolling Hills:              Medora:       

Prairie Memories:            A Spirit Lowly:           

Bed By the Window:            He Just Can't Be Seen From the Road:           

Great American Cowboy:            Prairie Girl:       

Follow Me:            Story Of Hazel Miner:           

When the Coyotes Come Near:              How Great Thou Art:         

Church In the Field:         

  Songs From the CD "A Very Mylo Christmas"
Mylo's first Christmas album and it's a great one! It's full of Mylo's trademark parodies about life in NorDakota, well-recorded and hilarious. There are also four bonus tracks at the end - serious Christmas songs sung by Mylo's alter-ego, Clyde Bauman and his wife Janet.

Download the entire album (16 songs) for just $10.99!    


Heifer Bells:              My County Agent:       

Walkin' Til My Pants Fit Again:            John Deere Dealer's Coming To Town:           

Cold Fingers:            I'm Dreaming Of A Big Harvest:           

Rudolph the Unpolled Hereford:            Carol Medley:       

Winter In NorDakota:            Checkout Gals:           

The Night Before Christmas:              Have Yourself A Very Mylo Christmas:         


Silent Night:             O Holy Night / I'd Rather Have Jesus:            

When I Survey (with Sarah Bauman):                Wandering Pilgrim:       

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   Songs From the CD "Out Standing In My Field"
Download the entire album for just $10.99!    


Play That Polka Music:             I'm Getting Round:             A Loan Again, Naturally:       

Super Cattle Growth Hormone:             Tracks Of John Deere:            Mr. Dairy Farm Guy:       

Instrumental With Singing:            Chust You and I:            Cropdusters In the Sky:       

Keep Milking 'Til You're Done:           Return To Slender:            Hot Dogs On A Bun:       

They're All Coming Back To Me Now:            Who Let the Hogs Out?:           

Walking the Floor Over Ewe:             Pickup To Lemmon:       

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  Songs From the CD "To All the Cows I've Milked Before"
Download the entire album for just $10.99!    


We Couldn't Start the Tractor:              Big Cows Don't Dry:       

To All the Cows I've Milked Before:             I Got You Babe:            Whiter Shade Of Pail:       

Mylo In the Movies (monologue):            Under the Cow:            Hens With Low Faces:       

Tractor Song:            Ballad of the Big Buffet:            Could I Have This Dunce?:       

Big John:             Crisis In Strasburg (monologue):       

I Milk the Cows:             I Milk the Cows - Reprise:       

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   Songs From the CD "Going Back For Seconds"
Download the entire album for just $7.99!    


Why'm I This Way?:             I Feel Yucky:           I Fought the Cow (And the Cow Won):       

The Boy Named Hatzenbuhler:            My Hair:            Old-Time Caramel Roll:       

Born To Be Wide:             Pants In the Closet:       

Mylo's In the Stream:               "Radio Mylo" Medley:       

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    Songs From the CD "I'm Big Time Now!"
Download the entire album for just $8.99!    


Plow Man:             In the Coop:              Send In the Cows:       

Road Food Blues:             Country Bus:             The Ballad Of New Salem:            

Rock Around the Barn:             The Night the Cows Got Loose:       

Monologue Between Two People:             The Green, Green Grass Of Home:       

Born At the PCA:       

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