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Comedy Music--
It's our specialty!!

"Full Web-sites" are the OFFICIAL websites of these artists and contain info like group bios, schedules, music samples, etc. 
Mini-sites give you some info on the artists, song titles,
and a chance to buy their recordings.

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Bird And Macdonald Famous, rather adult duo of the 80s. Dr. Demento Favorites!

Faust & Lewis  Some call these 'Save the Beer' guys "The funniest comedy music duo in America!"

Wayne Faust   Dr. Trash, Mr. Class. Everything from comedy to award-winning songwriting!

Rusty Lewis Half of the late great comedy-music duo, Faust & Lewis.
He's retired from performing now, but he did some great solo albums that
you can get right here!

Ian Whitcomb     #5 on Billboard in 1965, now he's America's foremost Tin-Pan Alley Man and Ukelele Virtuoso!

  MINI-PAGES  (Alphabetical)

Les Barker    England's newest answer to Benny Hill and one of the cleverest fellows we know.

Buck's Ducks: From Buck Peterson, hunter and funny guy, a whole CD of classic Christmas songs sung by ducks, accompanied by rifle fire and live ammo. A must for that hunting enthusiast on your Christmas list! 

Tim Cavanagh  Nine songs from a single CD played on Dr.Demento? Yes!

Caz and the Paradells   Hilarious parodies from this new group of women from New York.

Consortium Of Genius  An aptly-named cross between Mystery Science Theater and great rock and roll!

Tom Cool   Kentuckian who has thought of weird things to do with Wet Naps.

NEW! Nick Costner  Funny songs about golf!

Da Yoopers    Da 'Second Week Of Deer Camp' guys. Pretty goofy, ya sure!

The Derivative Duo    Parodies of classics and operettas, weird but it works!

Dr. Elmo  The 'Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer' guy...and he's got more twisted music!

Eddie Spaghetti  Great funny kids' music.

The Foremen  Funny folk music from the 90's.

John Forster    His "Entering Marion" song was a huge hit. He's got lots of other great satiric songs.

Jesse Goldberg    His "Nuts Over Nashville" CD has Demento, Showtime hits!

John Hadfield Award-Winning funny kids' music, from the creator of The Science Show!

Mylo Hatzenbuhler  The Original Farm Boy Rock Star! Hilarious song parodies about Germans in North Dakota

Kacey Jones  The Queen of Nashville Comedy-Music!

Christine Lavin  Excellent funny songs from this folk legend.

Mac Macdonald    One half of Bird And Macdonald who's still pumping out adult CD's and tapes.

Lauren Mayer   Excellent comedy songs about being a Mom.

Sean Morey   He's THE MAN! Half standup, half comedy music, he wrote 'The Man Song'

NEW! Mrs. Kate   Exclusive album on Picklehead - "Family Friendly Funnies!"

The New Duncan Imperials: Kick butt rock and roll music that also happens to be very funny!

Pete and Wayne    Party music from Sloppy Joe's in Key West, Florida.

Cali Rose   Dr Demento loves her, we love her, you'll love her! She's goofy!

Sneaky Pete  Great funny, Dr. Demento music from this professor in Texas!

Michael W. Sproul  Funny songs about construction workers!

Simply Weasels  Funny music from Wisconsin, as featured on "Car Talk" Radio!

NEW! Andy Smith: Funny songs from England!

Toilet Bowl Joel
Our latest artist of questionable taste...but he's good!

NEW! Greg Trafidlo  Funny music and parodies from a folk legend!

Trout Fishing In America    Grammy Nominated kids' music for young Pickleheads!

Larry Weaver   Another Dr. Demento favorite. Songs and skits from  Grandpa's Gone Gangsta guy!


Funny Music is GOOD Music!!

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