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These are some cool places we've found on the Net. Check 'em out!
If you have a site, or know of a site that we might want to put here,

send us an e-mail.


https://www.addictionguide.com/ - Founded by 'Grateful Recovering Addict' Chris Carberg in Winter Springs, Florida

addictiongroup.org/resources/faq/costs - For those struggling with addictions. Treatment is the first step to Recovery. A page to give people suffering a resource to take their life back.

Alcohol and Drug Dependence For Parents Resources (2 links):


Audio Recording Center: Good sound advice for the independent music maker. Includes helpful articles, a well organized Links section, and other useful resources.

b&w luidsprekers - Eindelijk eens een goede filminstallatie maar geen goede audio? Koop dan een van de b&w luidsprekers in onze webshop!

dayoopers.com: The official website of Da Yoopers, one of our most popular groups. Check for updates on their first "all Christmas comedy" release titled, "Naked Elves in cowboy boots!"

Disc Wizards: In London, specializing in CD, DVD replication and blu-ray duplication, all with a UK low price guarantee.

drdemento.com: The official site of Dr. Demento. Enough said!

earbuzz.com: A great place to find independent music.

Electric Violin Fiddlershop offers a collection of various musical instruments such as violin, viola, cello, and double bass along with its electric versions with different brands to choose from.

Lyreka.com - A great site to discover what the heck those song lyrics are all about!

mysonictemple: My Sonic Temple is a ProTools recording studio in San Francisco, CA.  Engineering, mixing, production, and tracking at an affordable price.

Prank Phone Call: Enjoy one man's improvised prank phone conversations with a1windups.co.uk.

radioscotland.com: The site for all things Celtic and Scottish, especially music.

Recording Connection: a music industry school with 5,000 students worldwide who train on-site at major recording studios, record labels, radio and TV stations, film studios and video production companies.

SteveGoodie.com:  The home site for our own Steve Goodie, parodies and original funny songs in an ethnic vein.

Tropical Dreams: A great site, featuring all things tropical - Jimmy Buffettesque music, great independent artists, calendar of island-type events, etc. Grab a rum-runner before you go here!

UniSquare.com: UniSquare Online Music Marketplace and Auctions
www.unisquare.com/buy/17836/music/records :Vinyl Records Marketplace and Auctions
a great resource for anyone who wants to list their music for sale for free with only a very low 2% sale commission fee.

Vision Center Presbyopia Page: An excellent resource for our Senior Pickleheads who want to see better. Also a Vision Center link for Cataract Surgery.

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