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  Key West Artists

A lot of us Pickleheads end up performing down in Key West, Florida. Don't ask us why. Maybe it's the sun. Maybe it's the overall lack of clothing worn. Maybe it's the thousands of tourists drinking rum-runners. Or, more likely, it's because Jimmy Buffett made millions down there. Anyhow, we've gathered some of the finest Key West regulars here, so pick up a couple of these albums, grab a margarita, and dream of the islands!


  Faust & Lewis

These guys have were regulars at Sloppy Joe's every spring and fall for 15 years. They rarely perform together any more but they put out some awesome comedy and party music. Their most popular album ever is 'Goofballs In Paradise,' recorded live at Sloppy's. For all of Faust & Lewis' great CD's and cassettes:




Lenore Troia 

Lenore's been a fixture at clubs in Key West for a long time. One of her best-known songs is "Everyone Has A Houseguest In Key West." This is some great stuff. Check out this great performer and songwriter.
For Lenore's CD's:




Terry Cassidy

Great folk and bluegrass music from an island guy? You bet your banjo. Terry is one of our favorites at Picklehead, and he's been holding down the afternoon shift at Sloppy Joe's for a long time. His music makes you think of fishing for bonefish in the flats around Key West.
Check out this great performer and songwriter.
For Terry's CD's:



Pete and Wayne

Now, here are a couple of goofy guys. These guys are TRUE regulars at Sloppy Joe's because they actually live in Key West, so they perform there year 'round. They've developed some great original, funny stuff on that famous stage, and although their albums are for ADULTS ONLY, we think you'll find them clever, hilarious, and just plain perfect to play on the stereo at your next party.
To check out their CD's:



Hugo Duarte

A regular at The Hog's Breath Saloon, Hugo writes about the best of Key West and the Islands. With songs like 'Somewhere Headed South' and 'Key West Heart,' Hugo makes you want to hop on a plane and go. Perfect music for kicking back and dreaming, while sipping on a tropical drink. A Picklehead favorite.
To check out his CD's:



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