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I did most of my shows this winter at The Lodgepole Bar and Grill - Grand Timber Lodge, in Breckenridge.
This turned out to be a great room, and it's like doing a show in my living room.
These pics are from a night when everyone was doing "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" at the end.
Thanks to Michael Guydish for sending these to me.

These are some friends one night after the show. The guy on my left is Bob Ferry, one of the oldest ski instructors in Summit County,
and also a famous Bald Guy, who has done that song with me in Florida, Colorado, Ohio, and who know where else.

  A 5th grader from Denver sent this to me after seeing my show in Breckenridge.

  In Breckenridge, at the top of one of the highest ski lifts in the world (12,840 feet.) Skiing with my friends Mascha and Remco from Holland.

  The place where I did my shows is all the way down this mountain, about 3,000 feet below where we are standing.

   "Bald guys are happening, really gettin' hip - struttin' on the ski slopes..."

  First skiing, then the hot tub, then the show, and then...dinner. This is taken at Eric's Down Under, one of Breckenridge's most popular restaurants.

  In March, I realized a hockey player's dream. With two members of my hockey team and 18 other rec-league players, I skated at the Pepsi Center in Denver, home of the Colorado Avalanche, right after an Avalanche-Red Wings game. It really helped soothe the pain of having my team get knocked off in the 3rd round of the playoffs this year. This picture was taken at center ice.

    This was taken during the Avalanche game. Of course, all those people didn't stick around to watch us play, but hey...

     Ready to head out onto the ice.

     This picture is a little blurry because I'm so fast.   :)            

    See? I told you I was fast. These guys can't even catch me!!


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