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Wayne does the UK - June 2005

        This was my 7th trip to the UK and it was a good one. I did my first ever shows in Scotland and made it as far as 2 hours north of Stirling in the Highlands. We spent a night in a Scottish castle, drove through parts of Wales, and generally helped show my son Paul a good time in honor of his graduation from college. He's decided he's Scottish. I'm not sure how that works, unless it's because my Viking ancestors pillaged some villages in Scotland and there's some Scottish blood lurking in his veins.
Thanks to all the folks in England and Scotland who showed us such a jolly good time.


2005_uk1.gif (184696 bytes)  Westminster Abbey

2005_uk2.gif (142926 bytes)  With my son by the Tower Bridge, London

2005_uk4.gif (145193 bytes)  Oysters in Whitstable, Kent. It's an acquired taste...

2005_uk5.gif (161187 bytes)  With Jem and Ella, two of my favorite British Rock Stars - at the Hotel Continental, Whitstable

2005_uk6.gif (211958 bytes)  Part of the Wayne Faust Library at Leeds Castle, Kent. (In my dreams...)

2005_uk7.gif (160503 bytes)  The largest group ever of 'White Supremes' at the show in Whitstable. It was 'Hen Night' for these women, which is the UK's version of a Bachelorette Party.

2005_uk8.gif (147829 bytes)  More Whitstable. I played until 1 AM. Those oysters really do give a guy stamina.

2005_uk16.gif (183011 bytes)  A dinner party in Somerset. The man in the back right is actually a Member of Parliament, so the table talk was interesting to say the least. 

2005_uk9.gif (148878 bytes)  The Scottish Highlands. This pic was taken at 11 PM. Summer days are long in Scotland.

2005_uk10.gif (157066 bytes)  A castle in Aberfoyle, Scotland. We stayed here. We didn't see any ghosts.

2005_uk11.gif (151865 bytes)  The view from our room on the Isle of Cumbrae, Scotland.

2005_uk12.gif (171283 bytes)  The show in Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae.

2005_uk13.gif (179719 bytes)  "Wild Mountain Thyme" on the penny whistle. They started singing along during the intro.

2005_uk14.gif (193542 bytes)  My wife, Sally animating Sven Jr on "Dueling Banjos.

2005_uk15.gif (189729 bytes)  Tony West, an excellent veteran Scottish performer who was kind enough to share his stage and following with me in Millport. Thanks, Tony!

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