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Pictures - Summer 2013

I'm happy to be still having a summer job after all these years!
This summer was sort of my "Nostalgia Tour," seeing a lot of old friends in my travels. Shady Gator's continues to be the premier club in Lake Of the Ozarks and I had a particularly good summer this year, with lots of crowds, and old and new friends. I never seem to get many good pics from Shady's. I'm not sure why that is, but if you have any from this past summer, e-mail them to me picklehead@picklehead.com
Thanks to everyone I ran across in my travels for all the enthusiasm and hospitality.
I can't wait to do it again next year!

Click on thumbnails to see the larger version of each picture

Shady Gator's

This sign pretty much sums up the philosophy at Shady Gator's. It one of the reasons I play there!

Another reason to play at Shady's. Boat rides!!


One night at Shady's I was visited by these two guys.
The one on the left is Larry Hamilton, a well-known Nashville country singer.
The young guy on the right is Jet Jurgensmeyer, a certified child star who will be starring in the upcoming Little Rascals Movie, has appeared on Grey's Anatomy, and on and on. He's an amazingly talented young guy and he sang several songs with me. I wish I had the video! Click on the links for both of these guys.


I did a private show in Branson in June and my wife came along. This is her in the morning out on the deck of our hotel room at Chateau On the Lake.
It was a beautiful place!

Denver Hockey Banquet

In May I played at the SDOHL Banquet (Southwest Denver Old-Timers Hockey League!)
I am captain of Team Picklehead in that league and although we didn't get very far in the playoffs we're already ready for next season!



These last two pics are with my friend and sometime goalie Dave Maney.
We were debuting a couple songs from our new hockey album which we wrote and recorded over the spring and summer.
You can find out more about it by clicking here!


And speaking of hockey,
in June my Chicago buddy Jim, who also lives in Evergreen, went to a bar in Colorado called Wrigley's and watched The Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup!
Whoo Hoo!

Trip North

I headed north during a week off from Shady Gator's and visited old friends and played at Camp Marimeta in Eagle River, Wisconsin and Clyde's Place in Carp Lake, Michigan.

In Madison, Wisconsin with my high school friend Arlo and her son Michael.


While in Eagle River, I visiting Tom and Raulf, a couple of grammar school buddies and band mates. The picture on the right is us in 8th grade. We haven't changed much...

The view from my cabin in Carp Lake.

My son Stephen Photoshopped this picture for me for Father's Day. Those are my grandkids mimicking my Bald Guys video  :)

George Faust Wins The Tour de France!


Well, not exactly. But my 87 year old Dad still rides his bike like a pro. We took a 30 mile ride from Wilmette down to my old neighborhood in Norwood Park in July.
The picture of me is in front of Whelan Pool, where I spent a lot of time as a kid.
We had lunch at Superdawg, a famous Chicago landmark and a great place to get a Chicago Dog. (DON'T PUT KETCHUP ON IT OR THE CHICAGO POLICE SHOW UP!!)


August on a packed night at The Bucksnort, and Sven With Babes at Kitchen On the Creek in Evergreen


Eisley Quinn, born to my son Paul and his wife Jenn in May

Joshua Thomas, boren to my son Stephen and his wife Lindsay in July

With my grandson Aaron at the 4th of July festivities in Littleton, Colorado

Geezerly but happy Grandpa reading to 4 of the grandkids when they had a sleepover

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