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Summer, 2011

We're On Vacation Again!!

Yep, I know I was way late getting these pics up here. But I simply spaced it out I guess. So now, as I'm preparing for another summer of traveling, I had a nice time remembering last summer by putting up these pics. The summer of 2011 was another good one, with lots of fun, fans, and friends. So check out the pics and I hope they make you smile!


Click on thumbnails to see larger versions.

After almost 200,000 miles, I finally traded in my Suzuki wagon for a new Subaru, just in time for my summer travels.
This is my first ever Subaru, and it's a good thing I got it because they have a law in Colorado that if you live there for more than twenty years and still don't drive a 4 wheel drive Subaru, you have to move to Nebraska...

Shady Gator's - Lake Ozark, Missouri
It was another great summer of gigs in the Ozarks. In fact, on one night in July I was doing the 6000th show of my career - really! And that night we had champagne and a big party. But no pictures. For some reason, I only have one picture taken there the whole summer. And the picture I did take was because of the weather, which broke a few records for heat in 2011.
Oh well, I'm back at Shady's again in 2012 so I'll try to remember to take some bikini pics!

This is a picture of the dashboard of my car on a day in August on my way to the show at Shady's. As you can see, it was 112 degrees. It actually hit 114 the next night, and a woman in the audience passed out from the heat and had to be taken inside. And I was playing outside! Whew!


 Before I headed out for the long part of the trip, I was back home at the end of June. The first pic is me with all 4 grandkids, and the 2nd pic is a camping trip in my back yard with my son Stephen and his family.

Put-In-Bay, Ohio!
Once again, I dragged Rusty Lewis out of musical retirement and we did 3 weeks of shows at the Legendary Beer Barrel Saloon,
home of the World's Longest Bar.
Since we're not going to be back there in 2012, it's possible that this was the last hurrah of Faust & Lewis. But then again, you never know...


 Taking the ferry boat out to the Bay. I made it just before that big storm hit


Faust & Lewis on stage with our good friend E.B. Michael of the Geezecats


On stage with my Rock Star, 85 year old Dad. How 'bout them shorts?


Yep, Chicks dig him...


One of our favorite hangouts after shows was The Goat Tavern. Here are some pics there with friends...

This is my friend Janice from Canton. For some reason, she has my picture on her chest.


Various pictures of old goats and the women that like to hang around with them...


Once again our friends Ann and Bill Wilbur from Michigan took us out on a sunset cruise on their boat. Tough life huh?


 We also often went out late to see the amazing John Salamon at the Boathouse.
He's got the kind of endurance all singers envy (on stage I mean...)


 The Beer Barrel At Night


 My Dad and I took our bikes on the ferry over to Kelly's Island. They have a "Fairway Drive" there, although it looks slightly different than the street I live on in Colorado. The 2nd pic is on Kelly's having lunch with David and Michelle, two of our favorite lawyers.


 Sunrise over Lake Erie, and the boat ride off the island. Is this the last picture of Faust & Lewis??


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