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Summer, 2010

We're On Vacation!!

Yep, Summer 2010 was one for the record books. I did something like 80 shows and a whole lot of traveling.
But like I've said before, there are a whole lot of miles and smiles behind these pictures.
There are 50 pics in all, and I decided not to use a bunch more, so my web server wouldn't melt down.
So relax, and take a nice trip back to summer...


Shady Gator's - Lake Ozark, Missouri
This place truly IS the place to be in the Ozarks. As always, I had a great time playing out on the deck above the Lake, 5 nights a week,
2 weeks a month.
And when I wasn't playing, I took some road trips around Missouri...


In May I went to the Kansas City Royals stadium to see them play the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies scored 14 runs and won!


The Katy Trail is a bicycle trail that runs all the way across Missouri on an old railroad bed, from Kansas City to St. Louis.
I rode about a third of it at various times during the summer.


Being the history buff I am, I went to see Daniel Boone's house and grave in eastern Missouri, near St. Louis.
He's got another grave in Kentucky. Don't ask me how that works.


In June, my son Paul and his wife Jenn, and their little boy Bodie moved to Virginia   :(   so Paul can get his Master's degree.
On their way, they stopped to have lunch with me along I-70 in Columbia, Missouri

Put-In-Bay, Ohio!
Once again, I dragged Rusty Lewis out of musical retirement and we did 5 weeks of shows at the Legendary Beer Barrel Saloon, home of the World's Longest Bar.
As always, Put-In-Bay was an adventure-a-minute. We're pleased to be going back there again next summer!

Faust & Lewis on the Miller Ferry, heading to Put-In-Bay for another round of summer shows.

From the stage at the famous Beer Barrel. Yep, those people are ON VACATION!


During Christmas in July, our friends Ann and Bill Wilbur invited us to spend the evening on their boat in Put-In-Bay harbor.
My Dad was out for the weekend so he got to hang out and eat some great crab cakes and yummy appetizers, a
nd watch the sun go down and the full moon come up over the Bay.


I got to sit in with my good friend and one of the most amazing piano players I know, Kenny Kidd, when he was doing the late show next door at Tipper's.
My Dad was with me that night, living the rock star life, and he went to bed at 2 AM for three days in a row. Not bad for an 84 year old guy!

One of many dinners with friends at Hooligan's Irish Tavern, across from the Beer Barrel. Yummy food and even yummier Guiness on tap.


We spent a lot of time at our friends Dave and Michelle's cabin on the other end of the island.
The woman front and center is Judy Berry, the mayor of Put-In-Bay.

My good friend Debbie Martin singing some old time Gospel music with me at the Beer Barrel


Our VERY generous friends from North Canton, Frank and Mary Manello, take us to Axel and Harry's every summer for lobster.
Check out the pic above - I think this summer was the biggest hunk of lobster I ever had. I finished it all with a smile on my face.
After dinner, we went upstairs to help Buddy and Ruth, island legends, celebrate their 50th anniversary. They've been performing together that whole time,
and Buddy traveled all over with some very famous bands in the old days. It was one of the nicest evenings I've ever had in the Bay.
Congratulations Buddy and Ruth! You're an inspiration for musicians and married people everywhere.

On stage with my Dad. He's still a rock star after all these years.

After the show, we usually went next door to Tipper's for a few drinks.
That's Debbie Martin on my right. On my left, is Sven's hero Carrie. She's the one who made his horns!
And that goofy guy lurking in the corner is Debbie's husband the legendary Roger Martin.

Our friend Kathy Fredericks made up Faust & Lewis t-shirts with the title of one of our songs on the back.
A truer phrase was never said.


My Dad and I went to see Pat Dailey at the Boathouse one night. Pat's still the true Legend Of Lake Erie and he's still singin' and writin' stuff about the Bay.
I'm not really sure who the pirate woman is in-between my Dad and I. She was pretty but she didn't say much.

Jerry Williams, singing his usual profound lyrics on "Jerry Williams Said."
I think I managed to keep a straight face.


As some of you know, when I travel I have a little friend named Daisy with me on the road. Hey, it gets lonely.
And people seem to enjoy it when I bring my little sheep to the show and hold her up on stage.
Okay, so far, so good.
But during our stay at Put-In-Bay, my partner Rusty cruelly kidnapped her. And he and my "friends," Jerry and Lynn, were in on the criminal scheme.
While I was agonizing over her disappearance, Rusty, Lynn, and Jerry took Daisy on a whirlwind tour of Put-In-Bay, complete with wine tasting to loosen her up.
I eventually got her back. Thanks to Homeland Security, I received some pictures in the mail of what Daisy was doing while she was being held prisoner.
It doesn't look like she was complaining...

Riding on a golf cart. It looks innocent so far.

Daisy deciding where in the world she wants to go, now that she's free.


A trip to the State Park and a jet-ski ride with Uncle Rusty!

The Budweiser Clydesdales came to Put-In-Bay and Daisy got to go see them. Uh oh, we're starting to mention alcohol.

I knew it! Wine tasting! And she was so innocent...

And now she's in Jerry Harris' motel room! With cheese balls!!

It serves her right, the little tart.


Rusty working the crowd at the Beer Barrel on Labor Day Weekend.

Joe Fouts, Soundman Extraordinaire, at the Big Board. The Beer Barrel stage is in the background.

Rusty leaving the island after the last show on Labor Day Monday.

The last official ferry of the summer leaves the island on White Spider Night, the night when all the locals breathe a sigh of relief and party until dawn.

I took this picture of the sunset from the ferry boat on Tuesday morning as I headed home after a very long summer.

My first stop on the Ohio Turnpike - I love waffles!


And now the best part - home and hiking around in Colorado near my house in the fall.
But I'm still wearing a Put-In-Bay sweatshirt!


See you next summer!!

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