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Summer Tour, 2008    

The busiest summer of my career so far!
There are LOTS of pictures here, because there were LOTS of good times.

Thanks to everyone who came to the shows and made the whole summer such a blast...


Shady Gator's - Lake Ozark, Missouri 

Two weeks a month from May through August
(Click on thumbnails to see larger version)

  The view from the deck where I perform.

  The front of Shady Gator's. On Saturday nights, that whole area is filled with people lined up to get in.

  Cool Bald Guys from Chicago

  A guest singer I don't seem to be enjoying much...

  A surprising but welcome cool night in August - I'm wearing a sweatshirt! The day before was 100 degrees...

  With my friend Kent and his son. He took me on a really nice boat ride around the Lake. Note the name of his boat ("Tax Haven").

  Some of the staff at Shady's for Halloween In August.

The Faust & Lewis Reunion
The Beer Barrel Saloon, Put-In-Bay, Ohio  

(Click on thumbnails to see larger version)

  I flew up to Oregon to practice with Rusty, since this was the first time we'd played together in 7 years. This is us 'practicing' in the Cascade mountains near his home.

  Okay, we actually did practice - for two whole days, which is more than we'd ever practiced before.

  The Big Reunion. It actually worked! As a matter of fact, it worked so well, we're doing it again next year.

  No, I didn't put that little dialog bubble above the picture. That was done by our friend and ace photographer from Canada, Dave Loucks.

  Rusty working the Beer Barrel crowd during Christmas in July.

  Scaring the heck out of some poor defenseless woman on her birthday at The Beer Barrel.

  The view from the stage. "We're on vacation!!"

  My Dad came to the Bay for a visit, and like always, he stole the show.

  After he got off stage, by Dad was keeping the Babes happy as always. I need to talk with him about that problem with shyness...

  My Dad and I took several bike rides around the island. He's ridden 1500 miles on his bike so far this year, but it's only about 5 miles across South Bass Island so he didn't get too many miles on this trip.

  My friend Terrell Colson's daughter, who used to sing "Don't You Forget Your Deodorant" on stage with me when she was 5, got married this summer and she and her new husband spent part of their honeymoon with us at Put-In-Bay.

  My long -time friends Bob and Mike took a day trip to the Bay, all the way from Chicago.

  Showing off the latest in eyewear after a show, next door at Tipper's.

  With one of the best piano players in the country, Kenny Kidd, on his last day in town. He's the only guy I've ever seen who can match
banjo finger-picking exactly on a keyboard.  www.kennythekidd.com

With legendary Cleveland piano player John Soloman, and equally legendary co-founder of The Geezecats,  E.B. Michael, after lunch at The Goat Tavern.

  With the true Legend Of Put-In-Bay, Pat Dailey at his house. He was happy to see us.

  Sven had a GREAT summer. He even got a new pair of horns, courtesy of his friend Cari.

  Here's a portrait of Sven with his new horns freshly installed.

  After the last show of the summer, Labor Day Monday, with my friends Rita and Debbie and a bottle of Mad Cow wine, bought for me by my friend Jerry (not pictured.) Hey, would you use a picture of a goofy guy instead of two women??

  Sunrise on Lake Erie from the ferry boat, leaving the island on the day after Labor Day.

  With Rusty on the Miller Ferry, leaving the island. See you next year!

The Bucksnort Saloon - Sphinx Park, Colorado

I managed one show at home in Colorado before heading out for 8 straight weeks in July and August.

  Doing my rap song. I really should stick to the Chicken Dance...

  Bald Guys At the Bucksnort. Hey! That sounds like a song title.

  Me and my Trophy Wife of 32 years.

Iowa Flooding

I went to visit my brother Don, where he was doing a play near his home in Iowa. I had to take a roundabout way getting there, because of the Flood Of 2008.


  The approach to the Mississippi River bridge at Keokuk, Illinois

  A mighty scary trip in the car.

  Downtown Davenport.

  My brother works here, at the Rhythm City casino boat. Yes, it floats, but with the flooding, no one could get to it.

  Me and my brother Don. Inexplicably, he still has hair.

  A private 50th birthday show at the oldest bar in Nebraska (Glurs Tavern, Columbus, NE)

  At a private show in Denver. That's Catfish, a Denver firefighter, and he gave me his hat!! (See Put-In-Bay ferry picture above)

And now...I saved the best for last.
Here are three pictures from my daughter's college graduation in May.

  My daughter Crystal with my new granddaughter Natalie.

  Crystal with my grandson Aaron.

  All three kids through college! Party time!!!!

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