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Wayne Faust Pictures - Spring 2005

   I had quite a spring this year. It started with a great March of shows at Tiffany's in Beaver Run, Breckenridge, and included a southern tour that took me all the way back down to Key West, including Louisiana and the Tampa Bay area along the way. Oh, and I almost forgot, my ice hockey team in Denver made it to the Championship game. Check out the pic from that below and somebody tell the NHL I'm available.
    As always, thanks to all the folks down south who showed my such excellent hospitality. That kind of kindness makes driving miles and miles worth it.


2005_jerry.gif (226115 bytes)  Jerry Harris doing "Jerry Williams Said" with me at the Rob Roy show, Fall 2004.

2005_scottish.gif (153850 bytes)  A group of crazy skiers from Scotland at Tiffany's in Beaver Run.

2005_kidnapped.gif (174612 bytes)  SVEN KIDNAPPED! These shady guys from the UK kidnapped Sven one night after the show and partied with him after I had left for home. Fortunately, Sven was okay when I came in the next day, although he seemed to have a headache...

2005_hockey.gif (172566 bytes)  What I do in my spare time. This is two-on-two hockey on my home ice rink with friends from Louisiana, who usually only see ice in the freezer in their kitchen.

2005_lmcc.gif (189334 bytes)  The LMCC Ice Hockey Team. We lost the championship game in the last 30 seconds. Next season - REVENGE!

2005_tallulah.gif (96150 bytes)  My name in lights in Tallulah, Lousiana. The lower sign says "Picklehead - April 22nd."

2005_neworleans.gif (186859 bytes)  After the show in New Orleans. These folks came all the way from Arkansas.

2005_flanagan's.gif (154815 bytes)  With Noel Cooney and wife at Flanagan's Pub in Dunedin, near Tampa Bay.

2005_jupiter.gif (132830 bytes)  With friends Jerry and Judy at The Square Grouper in Jupiter, Florida.

2005_sloppy's4.gif (208051 bytes)  It was GREAT to be back at Sloppy Joe's in Key West.

2005_sloppy's3.gif (160844 bytes)  Studly Bald Guys attracting babes.

2005_sloppy's2.gif (248677 bytes)  Sven's dream girl at Sloppy's. Check out the horns.

2005_sloppy's5.gif (170330 bytes)  After the show, upstairs at Sloppy's. My old friend, Roger, from my LA days, surprised me and showed up in Key West for my show. We closed the place.

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