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Wayne Wins The Cup!

As many of you know, I'm an avid hockey fan and player. I play on two teams, a Sunday night team with both of my sons and a Thursday night team in the SDOHL, an old guys' beer league. Both teams are Team Picklehead and I'm captain of both of them. A few weeks ago my Thursday night team won the Cup in exciting fashion, getting the winning goal SHORTHANDED with 9 seconds left in the game. This is my third ever Cup, and the first as a captain in this league. I don't care how old I get, winning a Cup makes me feel like I'm twelve years old again. And I didn't even start playing until 14 years ago, when I was considerably older than twelve. In any event, for those who asked, here are some pictures of the game and the festivities since. I'll be putting more pics up from team members who will undoubtedly take pictures of the Cup in some pretty unusual places.

And congratulations to Clockwork Orange, who played with an amazing amount of heart and class. Even though they lost, they invited us over to their party in the parking lot long after the game ended, and gave us beers and hamburgers. They even stood up and applauded us at the banquet. What a bunch of great hockey players.

Long live Team Picklehead!


Click on thumbnails to see the larger version of each picture


Random game shots

The final score!


                                     Hoisting The Cup! Whoo Hoo!


With Tony Speechley, my linemate from Australia

With my alternate captains, Ty Countyman and Jim Moffatt. Jim got the winning goal with seconds left.

My wife Sally, helping to celebrate.

Our official team Playoff Beard

Champagne in the locker room!

Yes, we all get our names on the Cup

With Grandkids # 1,2, 4  and 6!

With Grandkids # 3 and 5!


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