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Wayne's Daughter's Wedding!
November 27th, 2010
Greeley, Colorado

Photography by Kelli Hunt www.kellihuntphotography.com

Okay, so this doesn't have anything to do with my show.
But people have been asking me to put pictures of my daughter's wedding up on my site since November.
So here goes!

The picture above is of the whole family, which keeps on growing.
From left to right:
My grandaughter Natalie, my son Stephen, my daughter-in-law Lindsay - who is very pregnant with my new grandaughter Anna!,
my grandson Aaron,
my new son-in-law Theo, my daughter Crystal, my wife Sally, me, my daughter-in-law Jenn, my son Paul, and my grandson Bodie.

I wrote a song for the wedding. You can read the lyrics by clicking here.



For years and years at my show, I've been joking about building a moat around my house to keep the boys away from my beautiful daughter.
Well, the moat finally failed. But you have to admit she's beautiful. Good thing she takes after her Mom...

My Dad and my daughter.

This is my grandson Aaron helping his sister Natalie spread flower petals down the aisle.
At first she didn't spread any at all, but then started dumping them out in clumps. Ya gotta love two year olds.  :)

The big moment - walking my little girl down the aisle. I almost made it without crying.

Getting ready to give her away.
I KNEW I should have made the moat bigger.

My son Paul giving a message.

I wrote a song for the wedding called "My Girl Grew Up." (I always used to sing the song "My Girl" to her when she was little.)
You can read the lyrics by clicking here.

Crystal and Theo Just Married

They had the reception in a Christian night club near the Northern Colorado campus, a place Crystal spent a lot of time at.
 Lots of her college friends did a wonderful job decorating it and making it elegant.

Their first dance. My wife bought them dance lessons last fall so they danced beautifully.


Father-Daughter Dance. Dad didn't dance as beautifully, but it was a true moment.
Of course we danced to the song "My Girl" by the Temptations.

Party dancing with lots of family and friends.

Some sort of line dance. Check out my grandson Aaron in the lower left corner. All during the dancing, he stood up on the stage and danced,
seeming like the master of ceremonies. He's a genuine ham I think, and can maybe take over for me when I retire.  :)

My son Paul getting his mojo working.

My brother Don working on a mojo of his own.

With my daughter-in-law Jenn, playing rock star to a song by Journey. And my grandson Aaron helping to direct.

Heading out to the Honeymoon in California wine country.


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