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Wayne Faust deals licks, laughs from Picklehead Music perch

by Brian Muir

The Canyon Courier


Sharp as a sickle and sure to tickle, Wayne Faust has cracked up crowds for almost 30 years.

He brings his banjo, guitar, and laughing lyrics to the Little Bear at 5PM Friday for an FAC appearance and CD Release Party.

Faust's ninth release, "Songs From the Road," features selections like "The Bucksnort When I Die," an ode to the Sphinx Park watering hole and "I Wanna See A Parade In Chicago," lamenting long-suffering Chicago baseball fans. "I actually wrote the song this summer and changed a few lines after the White Sox won the World Series," he says. "They were my team growing up and when they clinched I toasted their success with my 80-year-old dad over the cell phone. I'm doing a show this month in Chicago so the song should go over pretty well."

Visit Wayne's website at www.waynefaust.com and discover a philosophy dedicated to self deprecation and a lot of hard work.

"It might look easy but you really have to work at being funny and learn your craft," says the Evergreen resident. "The shows are really the fun part of it. I write most of my own stuff, which is really an art form unto itself. I think John Prine said the best ideas come and you need to sit down and write or they go down the road."

Other Faust compositions include, "I'm Schizophrenic," which won notice in a Billboard song contest, and "Bald Guys Are Getting Hip," which often enlists the assistance of fellow follicle-challenged audience members. Faust figures he has performed more than 5,000 times in five different countries. "We were in Scotland this summer, which was a wonderful experience," he remembers. "I've also performed in Mexico, England and Holland but I've never seen a place I liked better than Evergreen." Beaver Run Resort in Breckenridge was Faust's first Colorado gig and he's been a featured Apres-Ski performer there for 17 years. He's also a regular at the annual appreciation dinner for Mount Evans Hospice.

Call 303-819-0274 for show information.

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