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Letter received from Beta Sigma Phi sorority and Wayne did a show for their state convention in Hobbs, New Mexico

Beta Sigma Phi
New Mexico State Convention
Hobbs City Council
Convention Planning Board & All Members


 May I tell you what an absolutely wonderful performance you gave us Saturday night? Everyone was talking about it on Sunday morning and how awesome you were, but they were very impressed with closing of your performance where we all stood in that big circle and held hands and sang “Oh the circle won’t be broken”. You are amazing!!

 Thank you for the fun you shared with us, the friendship we all now share, and the wonderful song you wrote and presented to me. I will cherish that evening for years to come. My husband and son enjoyed the evening and commented several times about much they enjoyed your performance. So thank you so much.

 I’m glad you made it home safely and that you enjoyed all the goodies in the basket on the way home.

 Please tell your wife and children thank you from all of us, for allowing you to share their time away from them, to present a performance that we’ll never forget.


 Cheryl Baxley

Chairwoman for BSP NM State Convention


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