Picklehead Music Presents: The Flying Mules

It could be 1928 or it could be 2000. This music, from one of Missouri's top performing bands, is timeless. You can hear great vocal harmonies, outstanding instrumentation, amazing fiddling, and lots of fun in every song. They've put together an album of some of their best original, bluegrass-flavored songs, along with some of their most popular songs in nightclubs. It's taken these guys years to capture so much on disc, but we think you'll agree - they've gotten it down!


Songs, Tunes, & Riddles (CD $12.95)--bluegrass - folk - original music
Titles: Seven Dollar Hatchet * Sweet Breeze * With Body and Soul *
ITOTFIOG (Is There Old Time Fiddling In Other Galaxies?) * Evangelina * Raleigh & Spencer *
Fields Of Gold * Pig Song * Twilight * Big River * Paddy On the Turnpike *  If I Should Fall Behind * Fiddlin' Fools * Jenny Wills

Song Samples: The Pig Song    Big River

This CD is out of print, but the album is available for download for just $11.99

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   Songs From the CD "Songs, Tunes & Riddles"
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Seven Dollar Hatchet:             Sweet Breeze:           With Body and Soul:     

ITOTFIOG:           Evangelina:           Raleigh & Spencer:     

Fields Of Gold:           Pig Song:           Twilight:     

Big River:            Paddy On the Turnpike:     

If I Should Fall Behind:           Fiddlin' Fool:            Jenny Wills:     

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