Picklehead Music Presents: Andy Smith

Here at Picklehead, we've had really good luck with artists from England (Les Barker, Ian Whitcomb), so when we received an e-mail from this guy telling us all about his funny music recordings we couldn't wait to check him out. And we weren't disappointed. Andy has a whole album of simple-but-effective recordings just full of British wit and frivolity. There are songs here about inflatable girls, blind dates, staff parties, funerals, playing with yourself, and even a rap song. (Okay, so middle-aged white guys from England are not everyone's choice for rappers but hey...)
Anyway, check out the song samples below and we think you'll agree - this is some bloody good stuff!

Something For the Weekend (CD $14.95)--Comedy Music
titles: National Health * Candice * Bum Man, Tit Man, Leg Man * Seven Day Weekend * What An Act * Blind Date * Take-It-Away * Staff Party *
Jobless * Uncle Dick's Funeral * D.I.Y. Song * Crap Rap


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Exclusive single-song download from Andy Smith.
A VERY FUNNY song called "No Pyjamas Tonight Josephine."
(you can tell he's British from the way he spells pajamas...)



           Songs From the CD "Something For the Weekend"

Download the entire album (12 songs) for just $9.99!    


National Health:               Candice          Bum Man, Tit Man, Leg Man:           

Seven Day Weekend:             What An Act:            Blind Date:           

Take-It-Away:          Staff Party:             Jobless         

Uncle Dick's Funeral:               D.I.Y. Song:            Crap Rap     


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