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Well, hey there! Sorry for the delay in posting my summer dates, but if you have read my message page, you are already aware that I am in the midst of moving--kind of a big deal after 36 years in Colorado. Sheesh! Where does the time go anyway?

And speaking of time, yes--the schedule looks alarmingly empty at first glance! But a blank page represents unlimited potential to the artist heart. I have already met a number of wonderful musicians ready to make introductions on my behalf, and I have met several presenters who have expressed an interest in hosting my music, either at a local watering hole or a house concert. I suspect that these things will come together starting some time in July. As soon as they do--those dates will be posted on this page, scouts honor!

Meanwhile, my first priority, and the reason the gigs are in the back seat is that I do not wish to add the word "homeless" to the front half of calling myself a musician--who wants to be a walking cliche for crying out loud. So first things first! Wish me luck finding a new home, and I hope to be back on the site with more performance info very soon.?
If you are coming to the Gorge area--feel free to send me an email...even if I am not gigging, I might be able to steer you in the direction of some good local players to listen to! This is a vibrant scene, and summer is just getting warmed up.?

Thanks again, AS ALWAYS for your support....Nancy


Any questions? Feel free to contact Nancy directly at:


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Here's what enthusiastic listeners have to say about Nancy's music!

"Nancy is a poet, an observer, an honest reporter, and she and her guitar sing as one! We re-lived her experiences as she sang and played to us, each person oblivious to those nearby."
Joe Franklin, Knoxville-Oak Ridge Guitar Society, Knoxville TN

"I listen to you sing-what a beautiful voice. I think about your lyrics-what a beautiful spirit."
David Aton,WRFG-FM, Atlanta GA

"Nancy provides a delightful evening of music with a voice and songs that are seductive, sensitive and smile inducing."
Bob McWilliams, KANU & Westside Folk, Lawrence KS

"Listening to Nancy's CD is like taking a trip to Colorado's High Country."
Scott Arbough, KBCO-FM, Boulder CO

"Original catchy lyrics-bright, semi-acoustic guitar driven melodies. Nancy Cooks!"
John Lehndorff, Daily Camera, Boulder CO

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To Contact Nancy Cook:


Snail Mail: PO Box 2331 Frisco Co 80443


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