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Yancey de Veer
"If your heroes have always been cowboys, then you'll love Yancey de Veer." So sayeth Charmaine Englesman-Robins of the Miami Herald, and we have to agree. A talented vocalist and top-notch recording artist, Yancey's newest project, "Ghosts Of The Golden West," is a tribute to Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Eddie Dean and others. It's the finest collection of classic cowboy songs we know of. Even if you've never bought a CD like this before, Yancey's great vocals plus the terrific talent assembled on this recording will make you a believer. We also offer his CD "Sawdust Man" which features some fine originals songs as well.

Some of Yancey's music in now available for MP3 Download
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Cowboy Ride - The Best of Yancey de Veer (DOUBLE CD $19.95) --cowboy songs and folk music
Yancey went into the studio and made all new recordings of his best songs. Great stuff!

titles: DISC ONE:
Montana Moon * Dancin' In the Wind * Cowboy At Heart * The Spell * Coyote * Navajo Rug * Dirt Red Road *
Buckarodel * Aces & Eights * Cowboy Ride * Sawdust Man * Cheyenne Stage * Always A Party *
Horse Will Buck * Farewell Friend

titles: DISC TWO:
Cowboy Paintbrush * Boutte Blon * Anasazi People * Cowboy Lament * Buffalo Nickel * Eyes That Sing *
Feel Her Pain * Cowboy's Sweetheart * Winter Ground * Golden Rocket * Love Is Everywhere *
Acadian Waltz * Mamona Mama * What's Wrong * Natchez Trace

Song Samples (MP3):

     *     Coyote  *           Montana Moon

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Yancey de Veer - Western Winds (CD $14.95) --cowboy songs and folk music
titles: Riding Down the Canyon * Black Hills Train * Smoke That Cigarette * Boutte Bion * Tumbling Tumbleweeds * Ansazi People *
Battle Of New Orleans * Winter Ground * Grandpa Song * Hickory Wind * The Hole In My Sombrero * Cool Water *
Strawberry Roan * Danny Boy * American Hero * Mule Skinner Blues * Cattle Call * Hawaiian Cowboy * Montana *
Love Is Everywhere * Home On the Range

Song Samples (MP3):

Smoke That Cigarette
* The Hole In My Sombrero  * Home On the Range

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Yancey de Veer - Cowboy Paintbrush (CD $14.95) --cowboy music
titles: Cowboy Paintbrush * Ragtime Cowboy Joe * Big Iron * Saddle Tramp * Evangelina * Wayward Wind * Rawhide *
Dancehall Girls * Mariah * El Paso * Sawdust Man (revisited) * De Colores * North To Alaska * Shenandoah * Hobo's Lullabye

Song Samples (MP3):

Cowboy Paintbrush
* Saddle Tramp  * Wayward Wind

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Ghosts Of The Golden West (CD $14.95) (Cassette $10.95) --cowboy music
titles: Ghost Riders In The Sky * South of the Border * Chime Bell Yodel * Whispering Pines * Buffalo Gal Medley * Don't Fence Me In * Tennessee Stud * The Blizzard * Everlasting Hills of Okalahoma * Old Paint * Long Tall Texan * Ages & Ages Ago * Git Along Lil Doggie * Red River Valley * Wabash Cannonball * Waltz Across Texas * Cheyenne Stage * Mockingbird Hill * Streets Of Laredo * Blue Shadows on the Trail * I've Been Everywhere * The Work's All Done This Fall * Happy Trails

All the songs on this CD are now available for Digital Download
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Song Samples (MP3):

Tennessee Stud
* Wabash Cannonball

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(Cassette only $10.95) --country music
titles: Always a Party in New Orleans * That Horse Will Buck * Time Changes Everything * Auctioneer * What's Wrong With This Picture * Busted * I Love You Because * Feel Her Pain * Swiss Yodel * Acacian Waltz * Golden Rocket * Eyes That Sing * Mamona Mama * Sawdust Man * Buffalo Nickel * Diana

Song Samples (MP3):

Always A Party In New Orleans
* Time Changes Everything

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