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Below are pictures of Sven in some of his many travels. Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of the pictures. Pictures marked with a big question mark are MYSTERY PICTURES. If you can guess where Sven is (in as much detail as you can manage), send an e-mail to with your guess. If you are the FIRST ONE WITH THE RIGHT ANSWER, you will WIN ONE FREE WAYNE FAUST CD, OR ONE ENTIRE ALBUM MP3 DOWNLOAD. You can browse this site and pick which free CD one you want. Good luck, and watch for Sven in a town near you!





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 In his home state of Colorado, going to an appropriately named campground

SVEN_beer barrel.gif (72788 bytes)  Outside The Beer Barrel Saloon - Put-In-Bay, Ohio

sven_perrys monument.gif (74247 bytes)  Perry's Monument - Put-In-Bay, Ohio

sven_with bald bob.gif (63612 bytes)  With famous Bald Guy Bob Ferry on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

sven_bryant.gif (78802 bytes)  Bryant College - Smithfield, Rhode Island

sven_hyannis port.gif (95013 bytes)  Hob-knobbing with the Kennedys in Hyannis Port


Click on thumbnails to see larger versions.


   SOLVED! Sven is at the Lewis and Clark and the Seaman statue in St. Charles, Missouri. Solved by Anders Ljungberg, from Evergreen, Colorado

  SOLVED! Sven is at the Top Of the World in Clearwater, Florida. Solved by Anders Ljungberg, from Evergreen, Colorado

  SOLVED! Sven is not in England, but at the Winston Churchill Museum in Fulton, Missouri. Solved by David B. from Omaha.

   SOLVED! Sven is outside the Swedish American Museum in Swedesburg, Iowa.  Solved by Doug L.


 SOLVED! Sven is outside the Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colorado. He's always been one for jet-setting with the beautiful people. The winner was Amie M. from Florida.


SOLVED! Sven is up on Independence Pass, near Aspen, Colorado. The winner was Jon C, from Moorestown, New Jersey. That's two pictures solved from Jon. Besides being a studly bald guy, he's very good at geography!


  SOLVED! This one was up a long time. The crosses were made by a Swedish immigrant in honor of his three children that died back in the 1800's. They are near Gothenburg, Nebraska. The winner was Brenda S from New Glarus, Wisconsin

sven_mystery2.gif (123227 bytes) 
This one was up longer than any other picture before someone finally got it. Sven is on a boat in Newport Harbor, in Newport, Rhode Island. The winner was Peter V from Pine, Colorado

 SOLVED! This is a World War II Memorial in Columbus, Nebraska. The winner was Jon C, a studly Bald Guy from Moorestown, New Jersey.

 Sven is at a monument marking the geographic center of the US, located near Lebanon, Kansas. The winner was Mark C.


 SOLVED! The sign says Sloppy Joe's, but it sure doesn't look like Key West. Where is it? It's on State Street in the oddly-named town of Knob Noster,  Missouri. The winner was Jim K, originally from Chicago but now from O'Fallon, Missouri


SOLVED! The answer is:
Sven is at the beautiful Brown Grand Theater in Concordia, Kansas. The winner was Bob B from Littleton, Colorado
Wayne did a show here on Saturday, September 16th, 2006.

sven_mystery2b.gif (102814 bytes) 
SOLVED! The answer is: Just off the 'Trollway' in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. Mount Horeb is the Troll Capitol of the World, and, incidentally the town where Wayne was married in, since that's where his wife is from. The winner was Thomas P from Lexington, Kentucky

sven_mystery1.gif (92464 bytes)
SOLVED! The answer is: Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts. The winner was Barbara R from Chicago.

sven_mystery1b.gif (83288 bytes)
SOLVED! The answer is: The Swedish Passport store in Norway, Wisconsin. The winner was Mark L from Iron Mountain, Michigan.

sven_mystery3.gif (62374 bytes)
SOLVED! The answer is: The Shepler Ferry boat, leaving the harbor on Mackinac Island.
The winner was Emme H from Hinckley, Ohio.


sven_mystery3b.gif (174502 bytes)    Where is Sven Jr?
This is The Eagle and Child Pub in Oxford, England. It's the place where J R R Tolkien and C S Lewis used to hang out. There are several bits of memorabilia on the walls from their Oxford days.  The winner was Gregg G from Lyons, Illinois 

sven_mystery4.gif (87702 bytes)
SOLVED! The answer is: On the shore at Chatham, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. The winner was John Z, from Des Plaines, Illinois.

sven_mystery4b.gif (150338 bytes)  This one's mysterious. Zoom in on the figure carved in the hill behind Sven.
Sven is standing in front of the Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset County, England, a mysterious, anatomically correct carving in the hillside. No one knows exactly when it was carved. Some say it's ancient, some say it's from the 1600's. Sven says it's cool. The winner was Nancie M from Melbourne, Florida.

sven_mystery5.gif (82028 bytes)
SOLVED! The answer is: This mysterious-looking building is Temple Beth Shalom in Smithtown, New York. Solved by Debra K from Long Island, New York

sven_mystery5b.gif (172058 bytes)   Once again it's Sven Jr. What town is that bookstore in?
SOLVED! This bookstore calls itself the "Largest Second Hand Bookstore In the World" and it's located in Hay On Wye  - Wales, near the border with England. The winner was Darrell G from Littleton, Colorado.

sven_mystery6.gif (72956 bytes) 
SOLVED! The answer is: Mystic River, Connecticut. Solved by Everett G from Dallas, Texas

sven_mystery6b.gif (164896 bytes)    Sven Jr again. Where's that shoppe?
SOLVED! This shoppe is in the picturesque little market town of Knaresborough, in North Yorkshire, England, high above the River Nidd. The winner was Bret M. from Denver, Colorado

sven_mystery7.gif (86338 bytes)    (That's Sven's Dad in the picture! Where are they at?)
SOLVED! The answer is: Beaver Meadows Ranch in Colorado. A nice piece of deduction from Wayne's schedule by Tom P from Lexington, Kentucky.

sven_mystery8.gif (84295 bytes)    That's Sven's son, Sven Jr. Where's he at?
SOLVED! The answer is: Stirling Castle - Stirling, Scotland. The winner was Mary B from Iowa.

sven_mystery9.gif (97684 bytes)    Once again, it's Sven Jr.
SOLVED! The answer is: Rob Roy MacGregor's grave in Old Kirk in Balquihidder Glen, Scotland. The winner was Justin M from Chicago.

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