My Girl Grew Up
by Wayne Faust


Once upon a time she held my hand all day
When she looked up at me she stole my heart away
As I watched her grow I kept the memories dear
Still she held my hand as we danced across the years


My girl grew up  
Now she’s got a woman’s smile
So sweet so lovely as I walk her down the aisle
And I couldn’t be more proud of her as I watch her dance away
My girl grew up  
She’s getting married today

I watched her steps grow longer as my little girl grew tall
I watched her heart grow stronger and that was best of all
Then she fell in love and our dance was nearly through
I promised him her hand because I knew his love was true


This is what I always dreamed for her
Though I might shed a tear
But I’ll always be her father  
If she needs me I’ll be here


And I know the Lord above has planned it just this way
My girl grew up
She’s getting married today


© 2010 by Wayne Faust
All rights reserved