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A beautiful new album from Wayne Faust

"Just Me and My Guitar"

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A note from Wayne Faust:

I've been writing and performing for a long time. This fall I remembered how it all started.
Ever since I got my first acoustic guitar, I loved to just sit and play. For this album, instead of full production in the studio,
I decided to record these songs the way they were written.
I've also added a few of my longtime favorites written by others.

No funny songs here, but this is where I came from...

Many of these songs are about my wife Sally, who has been my Muse for over 47 years now.
Without her, my life would have been MUCH less.

Special thanks to my most excellent friend, Dave S, who inspired me to do this album.

Colorado – November, 2022

SONG SAMPLES – (Click on each title to listen)


Elusive Butterfly


When My Lady's Sleeping

Kathy's Song

The Man Who Taught Me How (For George Faust)

The Dutchman

Sailing Home

You and Me and the Little One

A Sky Of Cubbie Blue

People That Leave Us

Kid With A Guitar


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