12 Parables
by Wayne Faust


 About the book
: 12 Parables is a new collection of timeless Christian stories about the things we all face in our spiritual walk, doubt, fear, change, grief, and more. Using tight, entertaining prose, Wayne Faust manages to deal with difficult concepts in a simple, straightforward way. These are stories you can read aloud over and over to your spouse, your family, or in a group setting.
 They are human stories, packed with emotion and just enough mystery to keep you wondering, providing lots of points to ponder and discuss when you're through.

 Jesus appears in most of these stories, as Hero, Shepherd, Server, Lifeguard, and more. The gospel message is related in new ways, in the tradition of the greatest speaker of parables the world has ever known.


ISBN 978-1-4610-1417-1
Printed: $12.95  eBook: $8.95

Excerpt from
"The Wall":

The world was aching. There was an emptiness in people's hearts and no one could remember a time when it hadn't been so. According to the scribes, the Tasks had been invented over five hundred years ago, but as much as they had tried, no one had ever done them all. Because of that, the Gate remained closed. The Gate stood on top of a hill at the edge of the Capital. It reached up nearly to the clouds and it was set into an equally high Wall, which stretched all the way around the world. No one had ever been to the top of the Wall, although on certain clear nights, you could see a warm, amber light glowing above it. It was this glow that caused such a longing in the people, for somehow they knew that God dwelled on the other side. But He was hopelessly out of reach.


"Father?" asked the young girl. "Did you ever try to open the Gate?"

They had finished their prayers and the father was getting ready to blow out the candle.

Many times," he said." I once got to the twenty-seventh Task, but then I made a mistake and had to start all over. I never got that far again."

"How many Tasks are there?" asked the girl.

No one knows. The best anyone has ever done is to get to number 128 and that took over 7 hours."

Why can't the priests memorize the Tasks so they can keep going further until they make it to the end?"

The father smiled at the sharp intelligence of his daughter."
It would be wonderful if they could do that,
" he answered. "But the Tasks are different each time. And so far everyone has fallen short. So the Gate remains closed."

Why do they keep trying?
" asked the girl.

Because to not try is to give up hope. And living without hope would be just too sad. You're very young and already you know that. Remember how sad you were when your mother died?

The girl nodded.

Things like that happen every day, to everybody. The Holy Writings tell us that if we can make ourselves worthy enough to get through the Gate then we will be with God and he will wipe away every tear.

As if in answer to her father
's words, the girl began to cry. "But what if the Gate never opens at all?"

The father gathered up the girl in his arms and rocked her softly."
The priests tell us that someday a Hero will come. He will be able to achieve every Task and then the Gate will open.

 The little girl looked up. "
When will this Hero come?

No one knows. But if we pray very hard, maybe we can make him come sooner.

Then I'll pray all night long,
" said the girl. And indeed she tried, but like most little girls, she fell asleep before the moon was high...


About the author: Wayne Faust has been a full-time music and comedy performer for over forty-five years,
performing in thirty-nine states, in England, Scotland, and Holland.

For more information visit his web site: waynefaust.com. He has written and recorded over fifteen albums of music.
While traveling, he writes fiction, and has had over fifty stories published.
He uses his songwriting experience to create visual, fast moving prose.
This is his first full-length collection of stories, and he is happy to have a chance to share his Christian faith through these modern day parables.

Published by Healthy Life Press - PO Box 642 - Roseland, FL 32957



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