(CLAWD Records 0201)
Produced by THE WINSTONS.
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Colorado Sound, Westminster, Colorado.
Engineered by Jeff Shuey & Lorne Bregitzer. Additional engineering by Steve Avedis & Tom Germain.
Mixed by Jeff Shuey. Mastered by Tom Capek.
Released March 15, 2002.
  1. Up In The Air (3:56)
  2. Whatever Happened To The Two Of Us (4:23)
  3. Sleepy Town (2:51)
  4. The Great Escape (3:16)
  5. Darkness Too Soon (4:56)
  6. Gossip (3:17)
  7. Ridge Road Gravel (2:34)
  8. Judy's On The Loose (3:21)
  9. Mother's Day (3:15)
  10. Coming Through (4:51)

Song Samples: MP3  Up In the Air    Sleepy Town    Gossip    Coming Through

Following up on the success of and acclaim for VIGNETTES (1998), Andy and Cheryl offer a new self-produced collection of ten songs, each transporting the listener into the lives of the characters inhabiting them.

The driving "Up In The Air" blurs reality and metaphor with a schizophrenic ricochet between the paralysis of one's own indecision and the entrapment that is the miracle of modern flight. A lover recalls a romance and its dissolve into regret as the bus leaves the station in the modern country-flavored "Whatever Happened To The Two Of Us." In the lush "Sleepy Town," a pilgrim reconciles with the former life that set him on the path, and realizes that there is no returning. In homage to the story telling of more traditional country music, "The Great Escape" sketches a miscreant who can't seem to get it right. The graceful "Darkness Too Soon" deals honestly and directly with feelings of loss. With a sinister vibe, "Gossip" cautions each of us to mind our own business. "Ridge Road Gravel," a bluegrass gem written by the great Norman Blake, expresses a longing for what lies ahead and what is past. The rocking "Judy's On The Loose" evokes a misspent but memorable night in the company of the kind of girl your mother warned you about. The instrumental "Mother's Day" thanks her for all the love and good advice. The metaphysical "Coming Through," inspired by the story of the incapacitated expedition leader who placed one last phone call to his pregnant wife before dying on Mt. Everest in May 1996, closes the album like an echo of eternity.

Joining THE WINSTONS on COMING THROUGH is the rhythm section for the nationally syndicated radio program E-TOWN®, Christian Teele on drums and Chris Engleman on bass. Special musical guests include such luminaries as: Grammy® award winner and Howdy Skies recording artist Tim O'Brien (Hot Rize) on mandolin and bouzouki; slide guitarist, Grammy® award winner, and Sugar Hill recording artist Sally Van Meter (Jorma Kaukonen, Good Ol' Persons); and Valerie Vigoda (GrooveLily, Joe Jackson, Tina Turner, Cindy Lauper) on electric violin.

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(CLAWD Records 9801)
Produced by THE WINSTONS.
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Jeff Shuey at Colorado Sound, Westminster, Colorado.
Released July 10, 1998.
  1. Anything At All (4:12)
  2. Finding My Way (4:00)
  3. Heart Of Stone (3:41)
  4. Caroline & Ray (4:41)
  5. Bending Blades (3:01)
  6. Slowly Melding (4:10)
  7. Bad News Night (4:40)
  8. Leave The Hurt Behind (3:47)
  9. Iris Alley (4:09)
  10. Vignettes (5:56)

Song Samples:MP3    Anything At All    Finding My Way    Heart Of Stone    Vignettes

VIGNETTES covers a range of styles, which Andy and Cheryl attribute to their families' varied record collections and a healthy dose of attention deficit disorder. Americana, pop, country and bluegrass coexist peacefully on VIGNETTES. Lyrically, the ten cuts on VIGNETTES offer glimpses of life's grist: release, following one's bliss, fearing love, wanderlust, renewal and resignation.

Returning as THE WINSTONS' rhythm section on VIGNETTES are veterans of the SECOND CHANCE sessions: drummer/percussionist Christian Teele and bassists Eric Thorin and Ron Bland.

Special musical guests appearing on VIGNETTES include Grammy® award winning slide guitarist and Sugar Hill recording artist Sally Van Meter (Jorma Kaukonen, Good Ol' Persons), keyboardist Tom Capek (Dotsero), and electric guitarist Mark Kranjcec (Old Soul).

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(CLAWD Records 9501)
Produced by Lance Bendiksen.
Recorded & Mixed at Avalanche, Northglenn, CO.
Engineered by Jerry Nielson & Dave Powelson.
Mixed by Jeff Shuey & James Tuttle.
Mastered by Jeff Shuey at Shadow Mountain Digital.
Released 1995.
  1. Second Chance (2:54)
  2. Her Name Is Anna (4:13)
  3. Smiles In My Life (3:29)
  4. Child Of The Dark (3:51)
  5. Bruce & Leo (3:34)

Song Samples: MP3  Second Chance    Smiles In My Life

SECOND CHANCE, THE WINSTONS' debut CD, is a sparkling five-song effort displaying a musical and stylistic maturity not often found in a first release.

SECOND CHANCE features performances by special guests Nick Forster (E-TOWN®, Hot Rize) and Doug Haywood (Jackson Browne).

THE WINSTONS sing "'s hard to be original in a world where everything's been said and done." SECOND CHANCE does just that. Fresh sounds evoke familiar feelings. Listen for yourself.

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