Picklehead Music Presents: Da Yoopers!

They describe themselves as "The Ultimate Garage Band," but that's just modesty from the UP's goofiest band. Punk to polka, it's der guys who brought you "Da Second Week Of Deer Camp." They've been making us laugh since 1975, and you've heard them on the Dr Demento show, as well as other radio shows across the country. Now THIS is comedy music!

Songs For Fart Lovers (CD $14.95)--comedy music, skits
Gee, that sounds juvenile. A whole CD of bathroom humor? Yep. It's Da Yoopers and that's why we love them so much!
titles: No One Here To Fart On * Da Chubby Club * She Loves To Fart * Grandpa Farted and Da Dog Died *
You're My Favorite Turd * Pucker and Smell * Squishy Underwear * Carl Needs A New Rod *
If She Farts On the First Date * I'm A Lonely Toilet * I'm A Turd * Da Life Of A Fart * A Fart Can Be A Friend *
If I Could Fart Like My Dad * I Never Heard My Mom Fart * Duel At Del Santo's * Diarrhea *
Someone Ripped One On Da Dance Floor * Santa's Helper

Song Samples (MP3): No One Here To Fart On    
Grandpa Farted and the Dog Died            Duel At Del Santo's

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For Diehards Only (CD $14.95)--comedy music
titles: Second Week Of Deer Camp pt1 and pt 2, Beer run, Deer Hunter's Widow, Garage Sale, My Car Won't Go, Rusty Chevrolet, Bingo Fever, Fishin Wit Fred, Fish Fight Song, Cow Pie Song, Three Months Late, Talk Time, Da Couch Dat Burps, Ruthie Rollover, Two Chicquitos, Chicquito War, Smelting USA, A Dog Named Zippo, Diarrhea, Beer Gut, Nightmare In My Bathroom

Song Sample (MP3)
: Second Week Of Deer Camp

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One Can Short Of A 6-pack (CD $14.95)--comedy music
titles: Da Beginning, Mighty Manly Hunting Men, Da Fishing Trip, Talk Time, Condom City, Da Anniversary Song, Doctor Baduchi, Pick Of Da Litter, Yoop News, Ring Dang Do, Burt & Ernie, Don't Go Up Dere, Meathead, 40 lb Crappie, Wanna Buy An Organ, Night Before Christmas, Christmastime At My House, Uncle Bruno's True Christmas Story, One Day After Christmas, Grandpa Got Run Over By A Beer Truck, Sign Off, Packer Backer Anthem

Song Sample (MP3)
: Mighty Manly Hunting Men

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