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Larry Weaver
Larry is a very clever fellow. His songs and skits, featuring his original characters have finally been compiled into one great CD. You can hear him do his most requested bits from his most popular characters, including Uncle Phil, Smoove L and Mr Spicy. he does some hilarious parodies of early Delta Blues, soul, bluegrass, punk, country, rock, rap, and R+B. And best of all, this stuff is all radio-playable, so you don't have to be a legal adult to listen to it! That's an unusual combination in today's world of comedy, and Larry does it well. Recently Larry has toured with Dr. Demento and has been featured in lots of great comedy venues. This guy truly is on his way up.

"Larry Weaver is one of the up-and-coming guys on the funny music scene-- a great live performer, you will LOVE his show" --Dr. Demento
"A song parodist of high order, Larry 'The Dream' Weaver is a double threat with a joke in one hand and a guitar pick in the other." -- Charlotte Observer
"These thirteen tracks of musical and pop culture parody are truly inspired silliness... I couldn't stop laughing." --indie-music.com
"...some of the funniest stuff this side of the Mississippi." --mp3.com


Everybody's Crazy But Me (CD $12.95)--comedy skits and comedy music
titles: Grandpa's Gone Gangsta, Help For Your Rap Addicted Grandparent, 500% More Crab, Trailer Ghost Exterminators, Country Folks Can Survive!, Advice From the Outhouse, Am Rebel I (Punk Anthem), Karate Chop Chimp, I'm the Man Of Her Dreams (In My Dreams), Mr. Spicy, Woman to Domino's, Little Debbie, I'll Be There With You (The R& B Song)

Song Samples (MP3):

Grandpa's Gone Gangsta      Am Rebel I (Punk Anthem)     Trailer Ghost Exterminators

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