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Simply Weasels
We found out about these guys from a newspaper article on them that appeared in a Wisconsin paper - and are we glad we did. A clever bunch of Weasels from Missouri (their motto - 'We're better than we sound,') are even better than their motto. We like 'em a lot, and so do the guys who do the 'Car Talk' show on the radio, who featured two of their songs on their national show so far. So if you're not already a Weaselhead, check out the song samples below and we're sure you'll want to get one of their CD's. Weasels Rule!!

Cruise Control (CD $12.95)--comedy music
titles: Cruise Control * Little Dough Man * Old * Remote Control * Poke Me * No Girl At All * Tuck Me In * Man Thing * Oil * Chipmunk Blues * Loose Wheel

Song Samples (MP3):   Oil     Cruise Control 

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