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Trout Fishing In America - Grammy nominated kids' music!

These guys have been performing together for over 25 years and it shows. They write clever, funny songs and have recently found success in kids' music. Both CD's listed below were nominated for a Grammy, and we think you will agree, after listening to the enclosed song samples, that this music is just perfect for younger Pickleheads out there. We are proud to have these guys at Picklehead Music!

NEW! Merry Fishes to all (CD $12.95)--funny Christmas music
Their first Christmas album, nominated for a Grammy in 2005!
titles: Chocolate Christmas * My First Christmas * Snow Is Falling * Santa Bought Me Clothes * Snow Day * The Eleven Cats Of Christmas * Just Because, Mrs. Claus * I Got A Cheese Log * Bob and Bob * You Gotta Get Up * My Birthday Comes on Christmas * The Christmas Letter

Song Samples (MP3): 

Santa Brought Me Clothes
* I Got A Cheese Log
* My First Christmas

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InFINity (CD $12.95)--funny kids' music
titles: My Best Day * Are We There Yet? * Everything That's Made Of Wood * 
You Can't Go * Your Name Backwards * Junk Food Jump * Sailing * 
It Did It All By Myself * Happy That You're Here * Dinosaur In Your Bathtub * 
Simon Says * It's Better Than That * Something Sweet

Song Samples (MP3): 
My Best Day
* Are We There Yet?
It's Better Than That

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