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Greg Trafidlo

Recently we heard about this guy and his music and had to check him out. He's a legendary folkie from the East Coast and Chicago, and has shared the stage with many of the greats, including Tom Paxton, Bill Monroe, John Prine, Emmylou Harris, Kathy Mattea, and many, many more. He's performed on stage at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, and his songs have been featured all over the world. The reason we got in touch with him is because he just released a new album featuring 16 of his funniest songs, and well, that's what we do here at Picklehead. So check out this great new album. It's available on CD or for download, both with individual songs or a full album download for only $9.99.

Welcome to Picklehead, Greg...we're happy to have you!

"Greg Trafidlo's songs tickle your fancy, tickle your funny bone, tickle your thought processes, tickle your heart, and tickle your soul." 
(The late, Mike Fleischer,WDCB-FM,Glen Ellyn, IL)

The Crawlspace Tapes (CD - $12.95)--funny songs and parodies (song samples below)
titles: The Tumbler * Starbucks Of County Down * (I Got Stuck Behind) Buford * For Just Two Dollars * Arfin' Dog * The Compost Song * Don't Take Your Gut To Town *
The New Adventures Of Old Maui * Behavior / Self * The Seafood Shop Shantyman Song * Pops Panczko Polka * Ain't No Words *
Gridlock Candy Mountain * Life Is Like A Grocery Store Coupon * The Ballad Of Libby Congriss * Mediocre * Bonus: Air Guitar Medley

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Songs From the CD "The Crawlspace Tapes"
Download the entire album (17 songs) for just $9.99!    



The Tumbler:               Starbucks of County Down:          (I Got Stuck Behind) Buford:     

For Just Two Dollars:            Arfin' Dog:           The Compost Song:     

Don't Take Your Gut To Town:          The New Adventures Of Old Maui:         Behavior / Self:     

The Seafood Shop Shantyman Song:          Pops Panczko Polka:           Ain't No Words:     

Gridlock Candy Mountain:          Life Is Like A Grocery Store Coupon:           The Ballad Of Libby Congriss:     

Mediocre:          Bonus: Air Guitar Medley: