Tom CoolPicklehead Music Presents: Tom Cool

Even though he seems a little more concerned about hygiene than we are, us Pickleheads still think Tom is a funny guy! He's from Kentucky and has songs for every topic, ranging from inflatable dates (I Blew Up My Baby) and political correctness (Smoke In My Bar) to downright romance (Suite 69). As a special treat, each copy of The Wet Nap Collection has an autographed moist towelette included in the packaging. Why didn't we think of that? He's a wacky guy and we have to rate his CDs R for adults only, although not tooooo adult.

The Wet Nap Collection (CD $12.95)--comedy music
titles: Wet Nap * Drinking Shooters * Kill My Neighbor * Smoke In My Bar * Suite 69 * Shoot Fire * Carol * The Product Song * Hotel Howard Johnson * The Construction Worker * I Saw Elvis This Xmas * Misty * The Washcloth Song * Reprise (Washcloth Song)

The Protection Collection (CD $12.95)--comedy music
titles: The Drinking Song * Blew Up My Baby * Golfing * The Story of John Wayne Bobbitt * Throbbing Python * Minimum Wage * Burlywanna * Here Comes Fatty * If You See Kay * The Candy Bar Story * White Trash * The Rodeo Song

Song Samples (MP3):
off "The Wet Nap Collection": Wet Nap * Suite 69

off "The Protection Collection": Blew Up My Baby

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