Picklehead Music Presents: Tad Geisler

Tad is one of the emerging talents in classical Spanish guitar. Based in Colorado, he has studied all over the world, including five years with Segovia disciple Carlo Pezzimenti. He brings us his first CD, a wonderful and soothing mix of inspired music. We listen to this one here at the Picklehead Mansion when the tensions of running a web site drive us bonkers.
You need this guy's music in your CD ROM drive!



Tad Geisler (CD $12.95)--solo classical spanish guitar music (instrumental)
Titles: Siguenza, Preambulo, Oliveras, Plattero, Melancolia, Estodio No.1, Estodia No.5, Canzonetta, Etude No.6, Capricocatalan, Guardamelasvaca, Cancion Para Emperor, Nortegna, El Mestre, Torija

Song Sample (MP3): Platero

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