Picklehead Music Presents: Michael W. Sproul

Now this is some great stuff. Mike is a construction worker from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He always said that if he ever got a lucrative record contract he'd quit his construction job. We have conflicting emotions on this one. He certainly has the talent for a big record deal. Listen to the song samples below and we think you'll agree that he writes and performs great, well-recorded, well-produced funny songs. But if he quit his day-job, where would his inspiration come from? Here's hoping he keeps on writing and recording, day job or not! 


The Great Port-O-John Tragedy 
(And Other Related Construction Songs)
 (CD - $12.95)--hilarious songs about construction

titles: The Great Port-O-John Tragedy * Snap (Murphy's Law) * Safety Tips For Morons * Coffee Break * Inspector In the House * The New Guy * P-Test * Electrical Sexual Approved

Audio Samples:

      The Great Port-O-John Tragedy      Snap (Murphy's Law)  
Safety Tips For Morons    Coffee Break 

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   Songs From the CD "The Great Port-O-John Tragedy"
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The Great Port-O-John Tragedy:             Snap (Murphy's Law):     

Safety Tips For Morons:           Coffee Break:     

Inspector In the House:           The New Guy:     

P-Test:           Electrical Sexual Approved:     

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