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Howzyer Slammer Hangin'    Who Died And Made You Elvis   Honky Tonk Super Hero

   Songs From the CD "Howzyer Slammer Hangin'?"

Download the entire album (11 Songs) for just $8.99    


Let The Puppies Breathe:                  Pull My Finger:             You Don't Have To Be Cute To Be Country:      

Chicks and Money            Hey Scotty:       

Tres Cerveza           Bass Boat:              Denver:       

Mulvaney:           I Don't Want To Be Your Boyfriend:            Tres Cerveza (German Version)    

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Songs From the CD "Who Died and Made You Elvis?"

Download the entire album (10 Songs) for just $7.99    


Someone Else's Psycho:                  Best Intentions:             If Being Stupid Was A Crime:      

Girl You Drive Me Crazy:             Trust Me:       

Bang Bang:            At Least:              Footstompin' Time:       

Thanks Just the Same:           Would It Be So Bad:          

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   Songs From the CD "Honky Tonk Super Hero"

Download the entire album (9 Songs) for just $7.99    


Old What's Her Name (Just Broke My Heart):                  Whiskey Bottle:             Don't Say the Ex Word:      

Marie           A Secret She Still Hides:          Ice Cold Heart          

Red Dog:              I Loved You Better Before We Met:              Would You Still Be My Baby:          

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