Picklehead Music Presents: Derek And The Slammers

Orlando's number one rockin dude! The "Howzer..." CD contains his trashy hit "I Don't Want To Be Your Boyfriend, I Just Want To See Your T...ts" and lots of Derik's hard rockin originals. His newer CD ("Who Died And Made You Elvis") is an excellent collection of his serious rockers. His newest CD (Honky Tonk Super Hero) is the best yet. Good party music!

Every Derek And The Slammers song is now available for MP3 Download for just 89¢ per song!

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Howzyer Slammer Hangin'? (CD $12.95)--rock, 1 novelty song
Titles: Let The Puppies Breathe, Pull My Finger, You Don't Have To Be Cute To Be Country, Chicks and Money, Hey Scotty, Tres Cerveza, Bass Boat, Denver, Mulvaney, I Don't Want To Be Your Boyfriend, Tres Cerveza (German Version)

Song Sample (MP3): I Don't Want To Be Your Boyfriend

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Who Died And Made You Elvis (CD $12.95)--rock, 1 novelty song
Titles: Someone Else's Psycho, Best Intentions, If Being Stupid Was A Crime, Girl You Drive Me Crazy, Trust Me, Bang Bang, At Least, Footstompin' Time, Thanks Just the Same, Would It Be So Bad

Song Sample (MP3): Someone Else's Psycho

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Honky Tonk Super Hero (CD $12.95)--country honky-tonk rock
Titles: Old What's Her Name (Just Broke My Heart), Whiskey Bottle, Don't Say the Ex Word, Marie, A Secret She Still Hides, Ice Cold Heart, Red Dog, I Loved You Better Before We Met, Would You Still Be My Baby

Song Sample (MP3): Old What's Her Name

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