Picklehead Music Presents: Patty Ross

Some of us Pickleheads saw Patty's show at comedy club in Florida and were charmed. She's played roles on television for the past twenty years or so, appearing on Rosanne, My Wife and Kids, and many others. She's been on HBO, Lifetime, Comedy Central, and all the major networks. She's a regular at such prestigious places as the Comedy Store, the Laugh Factory, and the Improv in Los Angeles. She was the featured female comic at the Gala of the 1997 Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal.
Originally from Boston, she's funny, she's brash, and we're honored to have her here at Picklehead!




How Did This Happen To Me  (CD - $12.95)--Live Stand-Up Comedy and Bonus Radio Interviews
What's In A Name? * Pass the Doritos * Second Hand * White Noise * Walkie Talkie *
 Me and My Gay Husband * 56 Stitches * Closing the Deal * Pick Me
She Works Hard For the Money * Curb Your Career * Hypno-Wife

Audio Samples:

What's In A Name       Me and My Gay Husband    She Works Hard For the Money

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This is a great way to get some excellent stand-up comedy for your I-Pod or computer.

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