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The New Duncan Imperials  -Party Rock N' Roll Music!-

After nearly ten years of criss-crossing the globe playing beer-soaked and smoky clubs, The New Duncan Imperials asked their fans to vote for their all-time favorite songs. Greatest Bits is the result of the fans' choices of the most glorious, squalking, chaotic and inspired songs of the band's brilliant career. All the songs about food, sex, sex with food, and drinking are here. Throw in odes to carnival rides, celebrities the band may have met, and trailer park living, and the whole greasy hairball of NDI's career will come tumbling out of your hi-fi speakers. As a bonus, this release contains enhanced CD-ROM technology that is playable on your computer. Included are video clips, interviews, animation, photos and other visual oddities to amuse and entertain.

 Greatest Bits (CD $12.95) - funny rock and roll party music  
titles: I'm Schizophrenic (No, I'm Not) * Mystery Date * Loserville * Born To Be Hit * Potato Chicks * Tilt-a-Whirl * Velour! * Shut Up & Drive * 
Gizzards, Scrapple & Tripe * Queen Of Venus * Home Sweet Mobile Home * 
Pathetica * String Of Pearls * Makin' Out With My Dad * Pensacola 99 * 
Evl Uncl Bud * White Trash Boogie * Feelin' Sexy * Hamhocks * Motel 666

Song Samples (MP3): Born To Be Hit   Makin' Out With My Dad  Potato Chicks

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NEW!  The Hymns Of Bucksnort (CD $12.95) - funny rock and roll party music
titles: Mystery Date * $65 an hour * Drivin' Nails In My Coffin * Chef Of the Future * 
Pitch A Fit * Home Sweet Mobile Home * White Trash Boogie * 
Got Our S&*t Together * Chili Pie * Star Power * The Evening World*
Evil Uncle Bud * Intermission * Wing Dosso * Overserved * There Stands the Glass *
A String Of Pearls * Baloney * Throw Up Waltz * Gizzards, Scrapple & Tripe *
Has Anybody Seen My Gal?

Song Samples (MP3): Mystery Date   Throw Up Waltz     Gizzard, Scrapple and Tripe

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