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Lenore Troia    Smooth Island Music from Key West

We discovered this great Key West artist while on one of our Picklehead road trips to the Florida Keys.
It's a tough way to do research, but hey, we're dedicated. Lenore performs and writes great music
that will make you want to head to the islands. Check out the song samples below and we think
you'll agree that this is even better than having a rum runner!



Wild Island Night In Key West (CD $12.95)--original island music
Titles: Run For the Sun * Prayer To the Sea * Wild Island Night *
Everyone Has A Houseguest In Key West * They'll Be Back * The Woman Is Smarter *
Seminole Wind * Lhasa Love * Medley: Jump In the Line and Hot-Hot-Hot

Song Samples (MP3):
Everyone Has A Houseguest In Key West         Prayer To the Sea

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Jetset To Sunset (CD $12.95)--original island music
Titles: Save Me From the Real World * Coconut Amnesia * Jetset To Sunset * Point Me South *
Rush * Key Largo * Island In the Sun * Save Paradise

Song Samples (MP3):
Save Me From the Real World         Point Me South

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