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Latkes, Schmatkes! (funny Chanukah songs)    Psycho Super Mom   Return Of Psycho Super Mom

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 Songs From the CD "Latkes, Schmatkes! (Comedy songs for Chanukah)"
Download the entire album (12 songs) for just $9.99!    



The Chanukah Cha Cha:               Nine Words:          

We Need A Little Chanukah:          The Fruitcake That Ate New Jersey:           

A Good Old Down Home Country Chanukah:           Eight Is Better Than One:      

Don't They Know (Not Everyone Does Christmas):          Latkes Schmatkes:        

Chanukah Shalom:          I Hate Holiday Music:         

The Jew-In-A-Gentile-World Blues:            How Does Santa Know?:          

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 Songs From the CD "Psycho Super Mom"
Download the entire album (13 songs) for just $10.99!    



Schlepping:               Embarrassing My Offspring:         

I'm Too Young (To Be This Old):          Getting Lucky Tonight:           

There's Always A Diorama:           Psycho Super Mom:     

My Inner Bitch:          Have Aliens Replaced My Kid?:        

Post-Feminist Tango:          The Over Extended Rag:         

Sleep, Sweet Sleep:            Hormone Hell:          

What's Wrong With Getting By?:       

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  Songs From the CD "Return Of Psycho Super Mom"
Download the entire album (13 songs) for just $10.99!    



Hair, Hair, Hair:               Defining Gravity:         

Grownups Get To Have Fun Too:          Food Network:           

Mama's Gonna Be Okay:           Gratitude:     

The Word Is No:          Environmental Envy:        

Too Pooped To Party:          Tell Me Another One:         

I Hate To Exercise Blues:            Unaccompanied Minor:          

The Power Of A Woman:       

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