Picklehead Music Presents: Jesse Goldberg


Originally from Long Island, this songwriter now resides in Nashville. His song “It’s Honeymooner Time” was produced into a music video for Showtime and won a cable TV Ace Award. He’s a frequent contributor to the Dr. Demento Show and has appeared at the Improv and The Comedy Store. He likes to call himself an equal opportunity offender.

Solid Goldberg (CD $12.95)--comedy music
A great new recording from ISO Records in Nashville. It features 9 live recordings and 6 studio gems.
titles: Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow * I Used To Be A Liberal * Smoker's Rights * Jesse's A Jerk * My Name Is Goldberg * Otherwise, All the Best To You * Rhymes * It's OK To Be Gay * The Civil War Is Over * Pre-Nuptial Agreement * Southern Baptist Jew * Yogi Said It * Take Me Back To Mayberry * It's Honeymooner Time * The Civil War Is Over (Studio Version)

Song Samples (MP3): Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow 

My Name Is Goldberg    It's Honeymooner Time

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Nuts Over Nashville (CD $12.95)--comedy music
titles: The Civil War Is Over, Rough And Tough Cowboy, Big Boobs, I Don't Think She Loves Me Anymore, Sue Happy, Chocolate, Otherwise All The Best To You, Hair Today And Gone Tomorrow, White Spots, Mustache Song, Barbara In My Bed, Nuts Over Nashville, Will You Catch Me, Just For You, Loveaholic, It's Honeymooner Time, Pinstripe Pride

Song Samples (MP3): Sue Happy   Hate lawyers? You'll LOVE this song.

The Civil War Is Over     Big Boobs

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