Picklehead Music Presents: Hugo Duarte

People wonder what we listen to here at the Picklehead Mansion when we want to ease the stress of running a comedy-music empire. The answer is 'Hugo.' We love this guy. Some of us first heard him in Key West at the Hog's Breath Saloon and instantly fell in love with his island songs. With great, thoughtful lyrics, and a smooth, easy-going style,
Hugo makes us think of days and nights on the water, and of kicking back with a rum-runner in the Keys.


Sadly, Hugo passed away in 2014. His music lives, on, though, and we're proud to have some of his albums available here on Picklehead.

Rest In Peace, Hugo...


NEW! Don't Be Fooled By the Hat - CD $12.95 (country-folk music)
titles: A Little Bit Of Rain * New Jersey Girl * We've Got Dreams * Don't Be Fooled By the Hat * Sawgrass *
All She Says * Why, Why, Why * That's Just Dennis * Hollywood * Scars * Hold On To Your Love *
Mama's Taste Of Country Buffet * Hidden River

Song Samples (MP3): 
A Little Bit Of Rain
We've Got Dreams    Don't Be Fooled By the Hat

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Places Along the Road - CD $12.95 (country-folk music)
titles: I'll Be Gone * Willie's Country Store * Legend * Reckless Lovin' * You Ain't Helpin' Me Much * The End Of the Road *
Between You and Me * Let 'Em Roll * Havana Flamingo * Song Of the Sea

Song Samples (MP3): 
Willie's Country Store
Havana Flamingo

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Another Day In Paradise - CD $12.95 (island music)
titles: Back To the Islands * Danged Old Truck * Cutie * Another Day In Paradise * You Are the One I Love * Key West Heart *
Ring the Bells * Hillbilly Beach * Paradise Tonight * Modern Day Buccaneers * Somewhere Headed South * 
Somewhere Headed South (Reprise)

Song Samples (MP3): 
Another Day In Paradise
* Key West Heart
* Somewhere Headed South

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