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Howie Nave

Howie's motto: "6,000,000 sperms and I survived!" He's a satirist and over-all funny guy who has opened for name acts across the country. Best known for his stand-up comedy, Howie has hit Dr Demento with "It's Hard To Be A Jewish Cowboy" and the immortal "I Wanna Be A Catholic." He's a goofy guy!

I Can't Believe I Sang That (CD $14.95)--comedy music
titles: It's Hard To Be A Jewish Cowboy, My Dog Smells, Generic Driver, I Wanna Be Catholic, Do Walrus Wear Undies At Night, Fat Funk, It Ain't Easy Being Male, Piece Of Shade, Walls Of China, Walking In The Rain, I Want A Part Time Girl For Christmas, Your Father Was Once My Mother, Working On Love, Buff, Who's A Clown

Song Sample (Real Audio): It's Hard To Be A Jewish Cowboy

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