John Hadfield
John Hadfield has had an amazing life. Based in Newark, Delaware, he has a degree in Russian language, worked with President Carter in the White House, and played an important role at the Bonn Summit, the Tokyo Summit and the Begin-Sadat peace talks at Camp David. He studied at the Ringling Bros. Clown College in 1982, and traveled two years with the Royal Lichtenstein Circus. He was in the movie "Gettysburg," where he had a speaking part in a scene with Jeff Daniels. 
John currently spends his free time competing in dog agility with his (Akita) dog Kenny, is a black belt in aikido, and ski races with the Wilmington Ski Club.  Besides Crash the Clown and The Crash Brothers, John performs The Science Show and his newest program - John Hadfield in Concert. He's quite a guy, and we are proud to have his new kids' CD here at Picklehead!


Monkeys In the House (CD $14.95)--funny kids' music
Winner of 2002 Children's Music Web Award
Best Recording for Older Children - Best Recording for Young Children - Best New Artist for Young Children

titles: Because We're Dogs * Monkeys In the House * Wake Up Roddy * I'm Your Toaster * Safety Glass *
Disco Johnny * Science Is Everywhere * I Can't Swim * I'm Your Brain * I Want To Be A Spy

Song Samples (MP3):

Because We're Dogs   Monkeys In the House    I'm Your Toaster    I'm Your Brain

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